Harmonix: ‘Significant Announcement At E3’

Yes, I know this is an announcement of an announcement but it’s from Harmonix and they have been pretty quiet of late. Greg LoPiccolo, VP of Product Development at Harmonix spoke to Industry Gamers and said there would be ‘at least one bit of significant news at E3′.

Greg would not say if the announcement involved Harmonix’ two big franchises, Rock Band and Dance Central but did say they were “incredibly creatively motivated by motion gaming” and had “significant resources” devoted to new IPs.


Could Dance Central by moving to Wii and PS3? A brand new IP? Surely not another Rock Band installment, they’re running out of instruments to add. Make your wild and totally unfounded guesses below!




  1. Dance Central 2 for both Kinect and Move (sorry Wii, you sit this one out).

    • Lol. Just Dance is the best selling dance game right now. I don’t think Wii owners would be too dissapointed if that were the case.

      Anyway, I hope Harmonix is making a move away from the music genre since RB3 hasn’t performed too well.

  2. Harmonix have been pretty clear about Rock Band 3 not receiving any title updates any time soon and both RB3 and Dance Central receieve DLC updates like clockwork. If “motion gaming” is the buzzword and there’s resources being pooled into new IPs, the chances are it’ll either be a dancing-related game (possibly not Dance Central, mind) or…um…EyeToy: AntiGrav 2.

    It won’t be FreQuency 3 anyway.

  3. A ha…

  4. Not just an announcement of an announcement but an announcement of an announcement about something we haven’t a clue about. My god!

    • Shush. It’s Easter and the Royal wedding, chances of anybody saying anything news worthy in the new week is less than the chances of me holding a bunga bunga party.

  5. Is rockband harmonica a missed opportunity?

  6. Harmonix to buy out Guitar Hero.


  8. Finnally a folk music game!

  9. Maybe they’ve decided a plastic guitar is nowhere near as good as an old school air guitar :)

    • you might be onto something there…

    • Yeah I heard they’ve get this new game which just plays songs, and you get to rock out on the air guitar. Air guitars are sold seperately for €25,- each

  10. Bring back Frequency with Move support!!

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