Modder Creates Impressive Crash Bandicoot Demo

I’ll go ahead and put a big fat disclaimer on this, just in case anyone is perceiving this as news… it’s not. This is a set of screenshots created by a modder that used the CryEngine 2 to construct a tech demo of sorts, displaying what Crash looks like when he’s powered by a beefy engine.

I know this is a little different than what you usually see here on TSA, but I thought it looked cool and it reminded me of a better time for Crash, back when the series was good, and made me wonder what would’ve happened if Naughty Dog had retained the franchise and kept pumping out great installments.


I was a little late to the original PlayStation party and didn’t purchase it until a couple of years after launch. When I did, the first games I played were the original three Crash Bandicoot titles (1-3). Since then, Naughty Dog passed the torch on to several other studios that didn’t have nearly the success (or quality) achieved by the great ND. Seeing this demo immediately made me want two things; An HD remake of the first three games, and the series to go back to the people that gave birth to it.

Now, who’s leg do we have to hump to make this happen?

Source: GamersMint



  1. Looks great. I’d quite like a back-to-basics Crash game. Simple enough that it would fit on PSN, that’d be great. :)

  2. I hope Naughty Dog don’t bother with this, I’d rather they just worked harder on Drake, maybe get a third party to do it hopefully though?

  3. Yes, looks lovely.

  4. Looks effing cool! Been playing this on my Xperia Play :-)

    • how are you finding the phone?

  5. Haha, this is brilliant!

  6. Video shows there’s some work to do but it does look fab, one of mine and my kids favorite, especially the parts where you have to “leg it”.

  7. Is it wrong to say I prefer the old style graphics? While the lighting and the environment look lovely, I prefer the ‘old’ look of the boxes.

  8. Haha, i think that looks awesome. They should do a Spyro version as well, as that was another game that just went downhill after the original developer, Insomniac abandoned it.

  9. That looks top, I’d love to see a return of Crash in a capacity more than just a picture on Drake’s aeroplane.

  10. Crash HD Classics FTW

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