Battlefield 3 Getting A Demo

Battlefield 3 Executive Producer, Patrick Bach, recently spoke with, answering a slew of questions about the latest Battlefield installment and in doing so, unleashed one juicy piece of info to the gaming world. Although the majority of the interview is very dry and Patrick does a great job displaying his PR mastery, the last question he answered certainly caught our eye.

When asked about Battlefield 3 potentially getting a demo before launch, Mr. Bach gave a seemingly emphatic “yes!” Now, assuming DICE doesn’t take the route of so many other developers these days and turn their ‘beta’ in to a glorified demo (we’re looking at you Zipper) this likely means we’ll get a slice of some semi-polished pie before November 1 gets here.


We’ll let you guys speculate on whether or not it’ll be single player, multiplayer or both but just knowing that gamers should have the ability to try it before they buy it is music to our ears.

Source: msxboxworld



  1. I guess it will be multiplayer, similar to the beta/demo for Battlefield Bad Company 2. Only one map, limited to the first few ranks and guns, but great fun :)

    • I really hope so , after renting the woeful MoH i decided not to buy it just to get a beta key . Im hoping there will be other ways in closer to the launch .

    • Yeah i would be suprised if it wasn’t like that but i don’t care if it is. I think i put more time into the BFBC2 beta than have any online game that i have owned put together. (Minus BFBC2 obviously)

  2. I get the feeling that the demo and the MoH beta deal is one and the same, with MoH buyers getting a weeks head start.

  3. nice of them to give us a demo. Looking forward to trying it out as the trailers have been great

  4. A brilliant thing and I’m hopeful for an SP demo because every MP demo I’ve has been … well, not good basically.
    I wish every game had demos, particularly PSN releases as some of those aren’t publicised quite as heavily.

    • I agree, typically as some games on PSN are over priced, and so a demo really sells it to me if it’s good.

    • Whilst I agree most MP demos are rubbish, Battlefield is completely about MP (the devs even admit this fact lol) so I can’t imagine a SP demo being their first choice.

    • Yeah i agree with every PSN release being a trial and unlock situation as i’ve looked at a few games but never bought them as there was no demo for it on PSN.

  5. Yoop, Yoop, looking forward to trying this big time :-)

  6. yep good news, I more likely to buy games that let you try before you buy

  7. Not planning on getting this, so at least I can see what I’m (not) missing for myself :)
    Too many games damn it!

  8. This game is the top priority shooter this Xmas. I’ve got the MOH Beta Key aswell so when that launches i’ll be having the time of my life.

  9. I still got my Medal of Honour just waiting on the Beta lol.
    Seen trailers off the PSN yesterday and WOW!

  10. I don’t care what it is! So can’t wait to play this badboy!

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