Capcom Confirm 3DS eShop

We’ve known that Nintendo is planning on bringing its Virtual Console service to the 3DS for a while now. We’ve even known about the 3D facelifts being given to old classics for the eShop. Today we got confirmation, at last, that there will also be new dedicated 3DS titles available for download from the service.

Mega-Man Legends 3: Prototype Version is the unlikely first confirmed title. It has been announced today by Capcom via their blog. Up to this point we’ve been working from rumour and supposition so it’s nice to have at least one title firmly pinned dow for launch.


We’re expecting Let’s Golf! 2 from Gameloft too, although we await confirmation. Gameloft’s involvement is a promising indicator as they are by far the strongest launch supporter of the Xperia Play and have made some very decent games on portable devices up to now.

We’ll keep our ears to the ground and hopefully come up with a few more names to look out for when the 3DS eShop finally launches, we think, in late May.

Source: Capcom



  1. Blah, I wanna Mario Golf, Lets Golf already sounds s*** to me. Can’t wait for Megaman which is one of my favourite franchises and with Capcom being the greatest dev ever (opinion) .

    • Let’s Golf! is actually pretty good. It’s obviously not competition for EA’s Tiger games but it’s enjoyable enough. I’ve played it on PSP and iPhone and now I’m playing again on the Xperia Play :D
      Can’t wait for the eShop though, so much potential, I just hope they manage it a little better than the DSiWare stuff…

    • Yeah depends on the price and whats available, a golf game would be nice but its just longivity that scares me.

  2. Can’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned. I do hope they bump some first party titles up there at launch too. The 3ds still doesn’t quite feel right without a Mario game.

  3. Cool

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