Cohort Closes Shop

In what’s becoming an all too regular occurance, Dundee based Cohort have closed down today, according to an email from the studio.

The studio behind PlayStation Move title The Shoot and a selection of Buzz! Junior titles said that they’ve closed shop due to “difficulties of being a console developer in a declining console marketplace.”


“It really is with great sadness that we have been left with no alternative but to start winding down,” studio CEO Lol Scragg said. “Making all 25 employees redundant is genuinely heartbreaking.”

“As we entered 2011, we have looked to change the direction of our business but unfortunately we ran out of time.”

We wish them all the best with finding new jobs.

Cohort’s last game is a minis game called Me Monstar: Hear Me Roar’ which will be released in May.



  1. “difficulties of being a console developer in a declining console marketplace.”

    Is it really declining? Is everyone supposedly just playing on PC’s now, or we just all out getting drunk all the time?

    Also – Lol Scragg? Waht an awesome name! :)

    • Weren’t people saying that consoles were killing PCs? How is that possible if this is the case?

      • Consoles killing pc, phones killing gaming ($1 apps etc etc) lets hope it doesn’t happen

      • Oh yeah, I had completely forgotten about mobile phone gaming! :/

        Mainly because I don’t do it myself though – I much, much, much prefer to be sat at home with controller in hand when I have the time to do it, rather than missing the world go by as I am glued to the screen of my phone at all times.

        If it makes any difference whatsoever, i for one will always want a console.

    • personally, i dont know many ‘junior’ gamers who can buy their own PSN content – if thats the market their aiming for, im not surprised at the outcome.

      • That was my first thought as well.

        I hope the employees weren’t informed of the news with an email finishing with something like We are genuinely sorry, Lol

      • Seriously though, I wish all 25 the best in finding new jobs, being made redundant is a horrible feeling

      • I was made redundant and it was one of the best things that could have happened. Big pay off and paid notice. Invested the money into a Masters to progress my career.
        Hopefully this will just open up better opportunities…..

      • Juniors was disc based was it not?, very risky if PSN only but I hope the devs find a new place to work in the gaming industry.

      • Same here, although at least from the sounds of stonyk, the other employees will be fine.

  2. Aw c’mon not another one. Argh not good at all.
    I have The Shoot and it’s fantastic with move and a gun periphal. Great fun that game.
    To the 25 folks – wish them all the best and hope they get a new job soon!

    • I should’ve got that ages ago but the price was not good for me, its really annoying, liked the demo but not worth 39.99

  3. Yeah, i was so taken aback by the quote that i quoted above, i kinda forgot the issue at hand! :S

    Bad news & i wish all affectd the best of luck for the future.

  4. All the best to the employees,truly sad to see developers closing shop.

  5. Probably got more to do with them not making a decent game rather than a declining market.

    Maybe with so many good games about, the market for bad games has declined, but that’s about it.

  6. Does a studio still get the money from future sales of a game after they have closed down?

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