Kotaku Says Next PlayStation Not Until 2014

Kotaku have spoken to industry sources about the future consoles for Sony and Microsoft.  That’s a link to Kotaku, there, so it might not work.  We’re not the sort of site that pretends they’re above linking, though, so at least we tried.

Anyway, these industry sources know stuff that most people don’t, like, er, the year that the next PlayStation and Xbox will release in.  2014, apparently, if you’re setting your watches.  “Both MS and Sony are telegraphing to each other that they’re delaying, to milk the current [generation] and fill in previous craters better,” one insider told the website, suggesting some odd collaboration.


They’re probably right, of course, at least time-wise.  Another 2-3 years doesn’t sound out of the question given the sort of games we’re getting, at least on PlayStation 3, there’s still live in the old dog yet.

Kotaku also say that “any new” Xbox in 2013 would just be a Kinect-upgraded 360, with a “next-gen” console out the following year alongside PS3.

“That source says that Microsoft doesn’t even know what parts will be in the next Xbox,” say the site. “They say the company’s board ‘is wrestling with whether to be profitable on day one,’ as Nintendo’s Wii was presumed to be, or to once again launch a new console at a loss, which is what Sony and Microsoft usually do.”

Rules out anything earth shattering for E3, then, eh?



  1. Cool, no rush chaps :-)

  2. I’d dearly love Nintendo to take all that money they made/are making off the Wii and DS and drop a true next gen world-beater. I was a Nintendo addict from the NES right up until I went PS2 and much as I love my PS3, I would really love to see Nintendo enter the real race

    • Nintendo should just give up? Nothing’s changed in about 10 years. Still same old game schemes, same cheese-ball graphics. Then they throw so called (fake) ‘3D’ at us? Nintendo make me LOL. What a joke.

      • Well.. most consumers seem to like it.

      • Not much has changed because most of it just works. Same reason all COD games seem so alike to the people who don’t like them.
        Shortly after the Wii launch I had the same thought. Nintendo must have made a fortune with the Wii and DS. Time to bring out the big guns for their next generation!

    • I love my SNES. At the time I didnt think Gaming could get better, honestly.

      Super Probotector
      Donkey Kong
      Super Mario
      Super Castlevania
      Street Fighter 2 Turbo
      Super Mario Kart
      Clay Fighters
      Killer Instinct
      Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion
      Goof Troop
      Illusion of Time

      Man I could go on and on ……

  3. I hope PS4 is as good looking as the original PS3 and backwards compatible.

    Sony will be screwed if they sell the PS4 less than what it cost.

  4. I read that a day or so ago (can’t remember where) and the quote was apparently from that Michael Patcher guy.

  5. In other news, it’s very sunny today.

    • Yes, it is very sunny but it is very hot as well. It is not the ideal condition for gaming.

      • Great conditions for softcore perving though. Summer dresses FTW.

      • Yeah the only good thing about summer :)

      • What has TSA become :|

    • It’s rather cloudy and somewhat wet outside my window.

  6. 2014, if that’s the case it’ll be 2015 here in Europe.
    Very happy to stick with my PS3 for quite a few more years.

    • Likewise. There’s lots of life in the old girl yet, as many recent titles have proved.

  7. Spelling… should be LIFE not LIVE in the old dog. Unless you meant it.

    I personally think thats about right, I would rather Sony released something thats affordable rather than ridiculous price like last time, then they might get more people buy it.

  8. I’ve always thought an announcement would be at E3 2012, which would make perfect sense for a release window of early 2014.

  9. I can cope with 2014, but not before thanks. Still don’t feel like this generation has set the world on fire, although maybe it’s just because hopes were so ridiculously high.

    I’m also putting money on the PlayStation 4 being called something else. PlayStation will certainly be in it, but I think they’ll drop the numbering and go for something a bit sexier.

    • i hope not i think PS4 is just right not some silliness like wii or 360 ect ect :P seriously though for my the playstation brand is clean and subtle with a design dictated by function not flashy and unnecessary

      playstation 4 clean classic and to the point

  10. Glad it’s not soon. Enjoying my PS3 at the moment.

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