Borderlands 2 Likely Still A Ways Off

When you have a game that was as successful as Borderlands, it’s inevitable that there will be talk of a sequel sooner rather than later. This happened earlier this week when a resumé popped up with an individual claiming to have worked on Borderlands 2. This sent a lot of the media in to a frenzy, which is normal when this kind of news surfaces.

Unfortunately, Gearbox head hauncho Randy Pitchford was quick to come out and clarify things. Even more unfortunate is that his clarification seems to hint that Borderlands 2 is still very early in development. Here’s what Randy told Eurogamer about the resumé and a potential sequel to Gearbox’s open world hit.


“I honestly have no idea who [he] is. If I had to guess… I know last year – around September or October of last year when we were wrapping up the Clap Trap’s New Robot Revolution DLC – we hired some contractors to help us blue sky brainstorm some things that were HUD related (among other things) when we were starting to think about what to do next with the Borderlands franchise.

Before anything, whether it’s a project, DLC or any creative activity, we tend to wildly brainstorm possibilities and most of the things that we think about and consider and discuss and sketch end up being left behind as ideas form and congeal and materialise into something that clicks and is really worth betting on.”

He went on to flat out deny the existence of the game in question but also took the time to explain why, since it’s obvious that they have plans to follow up on several publications’ GOTY for 2009.

“A customer promise should not be made until that promise becomes sufficiently clear and ready and the commitment is there to deliver upon the promise.

…we’ve only announced what we’ve announced. If we haven’t announced it, it doesn’t exist.”

His stance on announcing a new game is normal, as most developers and publishers won’t release info to the public until they are certain they can follow through. The disheartening thing about this information is that they were just brainstorming what to do next, 6 months ago. And if that’s the first step in figuring out where to take the franchise next, then it’ll likely be quite a while before we get our hands on… whatever it is they’re planning.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. I have yet to play it. Good games nowadays are just too many.

  2. My hopes are all dashed for a new game even next year then.

  3. It may take it’s time in getting here, but I have no doubt it will be truly awesome! I can wait =]

  4. Hurry up! I just popped Borderlands in to play a round of coop withmy cousin and it was as much fun as on fay one. I even got the GOTY edition off Steam because it was on sale…

  5. Bordlerands was a great game.

  6. It’s a shame that it’s so long off.

  7. Brilliant haven’t had great fun on co op for a while until Borderlands came. Fantastic game with loads of weapons lol. Never bought the DLC though…..

  8. As long as its as good as the first [or better!] i can wait, plenty of games to play still

  9. Sad times. Borderlands is a great game.

  10. I absolutely loved Borderlands. Not a huge completionist, but it is my only Platinum. I can not wait for Borderlands 2.
    Any sugestions for new gameplay additions?
    My top suggestion would be Weapon crafting in game. Hopefully that would negate the hex modding that dogged the first game.

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