More ‘New Nintendo Console’ Chatter and Rumours

All the talks surrounding a possible new Nintendo console have really started to heat up over the past couple of weeks, and today there’s even more fuel to throw on the fire. The new tidbits we have come from some vague statements made by Shigeru Miyamoto, the brain behind Mario and Zelda, and some new rumours via IGN.

Starting with what was said by Miyamoto, there is now damning evidence that a new Nintendo console definitely exists and Nintendo are just waiting for the right time to roll it out. At a recent press event in London, Miyamoto was questioned about the potential Wii successor that’s been stirring the media in to a frenzy, to which he stated,

“Don’t ask! Even when the Wii launched we were developing new hardware, work on 3DS had already started. It’s a matter of when we announce it.”

The media at the event prodded him further by asking about a potential E3 announcement. Miyamoto responded by saying,

“Please wait. Be patient until we decide.”

The other bit of info came in the form of a rumour from IGN that details some of the possible specs behind the new hardware. They claim that the new console will be powered by AMD’s R700 GPU, which is seemingly more powerful than even the PS3’s hardware. The system is capable of producing 1080p HD graphics and has the potential for full stereoscopic 3D support as well.

IGN claims it’s as big as the original Xbox 360 and that it resembles a Super Nintendo. Also reported (again) was that the console will use controllers that have integrated touch screens. Finally, the tag ‘Stream’ has been thrown out as a possible name for the console, although it’s supposedly only one of a few different names being considered.

Concerning the price and launch window, they claim that it will cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $350 to $400 and may launch this fall. However they also stated that Nintendo may opt to build more stock, give developers more time to create software and shoot for a lower price point by pushing the release to spring of 2012.

To be clear, other than the vague responses given by Shigeru Miyamoto, everything above is just a rumour.

There’s sure to be more on this later so stay tuned.

Source: EdgeIGN



  1. Not hard to find a GPU more powerful than the PS3’s but TBH, Ninty is about software & the method of the gaming rather than the horsepower. I doubt that even after this time they’ll top The Cell though.

    I’m more interested in whether it improves on the Wii’s weak areas, like media playback, DLNA client etc Blu-ray drive etc If so it will find a place under my TV but if not I’d have to think twice.

    • The Cell is powerful but the problem is it’s architecture is very complex. I’m sure a simpler but more powerful architecture/chip will be able to top the Cell pretty soon. Just compare itto the 360. How many games look better on the PS3? 1 in every 30 games?

      • Depends if you talk about exclusives or cross-platform games. Most cross platform games are built on 360 so they tend to look better on that hardware, the main reason why a lot of these games are developed on 360 is because a cross-platform game can only be as good as the least powerful hardware allows. Also a lot of developers have been complaining about being held back by the 360, despite the fact thats the hardware they are developing their game on.

  2. Assuming that Ninty are creating a system that’s now 3D capable with a new, future proof console makes Sony’s decision in OS and the ten year plan seem very smart now. The two companies aren’t worlds apart considering the PS1 was a spin off of a collaborated console, Nintendo are obviously seeing benefits in a console that might be more expensive yet more flexible in the long haul.
    Shame Sony won’t/can’t gain as firm a PR status with a wider audience like Nintendo…

    • Eh?

      Sony is in literally everyone’s home in one format or another (the definition of a household name!!) The problem isn’t brand/PR, it’s product and price point…..

  3. wii, and now stream?
    are nintendo taking the piss? ^_^

  4. It resembles the Super Nintendo? Day one purchase, anyone? :P

  5. They can’t follow up Wii with Stream, surely?

  6. Does anyone else think ‘Stream’ might be the name of an OnLive rivalling system. Can’t see it myself particularly as Ninty are so fragmented & poor online, but… Stream

    • That’s what popped into my mind when I first read it.

  7. They can upgrade the hardware all they want but if there’s a load of shovelware on the shelves then I’m not buying. Already wasted my money buying a wii. :/

  8. Interesting. If that turns out to be true, I’d say Sony and Microsoft should maybe pull their socks up a little considering the market share Nintendo have and the new machine could (should?) be more powerful.
    Nice to read quotes from Miyamoto too, confirmation of a new machine but no details, a perfect rumour mill statement.

  9. Look forward to seeing it as the SNES was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. As fun as Nintendo consoles are I highly doubt that it will be as powerful as the rumored specs rumor. Nintendo have a habit of improving the last generations console evident in the N64 and to a lesser extent the GameCube. The Wii was also an improvement off the motion add-ons that were starting to crop up at the end of the last generation.

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