Minecraft Surpasses Two Million Purchases

Minecraft has consumed the lives of many PC gamers out there and its success only continues to grow. Joystiq recently broke the news that Minecraft has surpassed two million total copies sold to date and with updates still being regularly released, it likely won’t stop selling any time soon.

It’s great seeing a game that comes from such humble beginnings have this kind of success, especially since it’s still ‘technically’ in a beta stage. If you’ve yet to hop on the mining cart, you can read more about Minecraft in our most recent ‘Cheap PC Gaming’ article.

Source: Minecraft.net via Joystiq



  1. I love this game, got it back when it was still (pre-?) alpha. I would love to be Notch even more ;)

    • hes made 33 million off it :P

  2. I don’t really need to repeat how much I love this game, so I’ll just say I’ve never seen a game that deserves so much success quite as much as Minecraft does.

    • Same applies to all games that have sprung up from small beginnings. Angry Birds, Minecraft, Cut the Rope, etc. Well done to them all. It makes me very happy to know that the internet can spread great games like absolute wildfire across the community. Sure, we have to put up with the likes of Rebecca Black every once in a while but this digital world is awesome at spreading a good word or two.

  3. Congratulations Mojang! I’ve taken a little break recently but am constantly tempted to return back to Minecraftia.

  4. i think anyone who has ever played minecraft loves it, including me!!

    • Yeah, it really does grow on you quite quickly. Awesome little game!

      • This is true, I managed to get my completely non-gamer brother completely addicted to this. All he ever did was mine stuff.

  5. i absolutely love minecraft my brother and I play it almost constantly it can get boring after a while but as a wise man once said (seananners) you just have to kinda reinvent the wheel with it and its magically awesome again :)

  6. Good on them!

  7. Its alright but a good thing for something like Minecraft. Can’t wait to see what it will be like in the future

  8. Fair play to them

  9. I want it on console..

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