Next Hitman Game To Be Called “Hitman: Absolution”?

We’re quickly approaching 5 years since the last Hitman game started stocking retail shelves, and fans of the series are starting to get a bit antsy. News like what we have today likely doesn’t help, because just like most of what we’ve seen and heard so far, it’s just rumour and speculation.

The one thing we do know is that a new Hitman game is very real and will likely be announced soon. And thanks to a trademark filing by Square Enix Europe, we may also know what it will be called. ‘Hitman: Absolution’ is the name in question and unless there are multiple Hitman games in the works (which seems unlikely), this may very well be what the fifth installment will be called. It especially makes sense if you think about the titles of the previous Hitman games. Only one of them has used a ‘number’ in the title up to now.


Just a rumour for the time being but it certainly seems plausible.

Source: Siliconera



  1. Welcome back agent 47.

  2. Theres a HD collection up with the likes of ICO. Very excited about the next hitman!!

  3. Details at E3.

  4. hitman played so well & looked amazing on the ps2, one of the best looking games of that gen imo.
    im sure hitman on the ps3, will be no exception to the rule.

  5. Never played Hitman. Hopefully this will be suitable for series newbs like me!

    • i’d say you’d been fine jumping straight in.
      all you need to know is in the title, bar the fact your character is one of many hitmen in an organization, known as agent 47. oh & he’s badass & bald.

  6. I can’t wait. Blood Money was an absolutely amazing game.

  7. Buying both Hitman 2 & Blood Money on Steam soon, I played the demos on the PS2 they where fun games but I didn’t get around in buying them.

    Hope they can introduce a new game in the Legacy of Kain series as well

  8. Not before a hd collection surely?

  9. Been a while and how I miss thee. This was one of the games when PS3 was first conceived that I thought would benefit hugely from a power boost to fully flesh out the ideas the games had.

    I thought we’d have seen one a while back but nevertheless, I’m pleased to hear that all should be revealed shortly and I very much look forward to seeing what they have produced.

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