Nintendo Showing Wii Successor At E3

Alongside the release of their annual financial earning statement (which we’ll get to soon) Nintendo have announced that they will be showing the Wii’s successor at E3.

A playable model of the new system will be present at E3 and will release next year, 2012.


Playable?  So publishers have been working hard on this, then.

Source: Nintendo



  1. I hope they call it the ‘Wii Wii’

  2. Holy shit, it’s real.

    • Unfortunatly the baindead “tech” media are making flawed assumptions like “more powerful than a PS3”, by assuming that because the rumour that it’s got a newer GPU than the PS3 means it must therefore be more powerful (they don’t grasp the concept that in the PS3, when properly coded, the GPU is little more than a eleborate frame-buffer, the SPE’s are where all the rendering work happens).

      Still why let the truth get in the way of a great rumour, and i’m sure than Nintendo won’t be in any great rush to dispel it, as they can sell a million units before anyone finds out. (ala Kinect).

  3. So that means that it will be released AFTER March 2012..

    • Not necessarily, they could bring in expected sales and the costs based on that. They are just saying that no figures are included, they could very well still make sales before the end of March ’12 which would then have to be shown in the financial statements at that date.

  4. A year away just feels too long :o/ I’ll be interested to see what, if any, of the rumours are true (£100000 touch screen controllers FTL!)

  5. Hmm, interested to see whether they will cater to the casual market again or if they also focus a bit of their attention towards hardcore gamers.

    • The Wii catered for both quite admirably, last time I checked. No?

      • Yes it did, but the woeful lack of marketing for ‘core’ games meant they all flopped. Okami with a Wiimote controlled brush should have been a damn sales hit :o(

      • They tried though – CoD games, Goldeneye, Mario Galaxy duo etc. Apart as hardcore as Ninty have ever been, 1st and 3rd party.

        IMO, of course. =)

      • They tried but they didn’t fully succeed. Everything about their online isn’t good and in general the third party developers never seemed to take it seriously.

      • Agreed they tried but failed quite spectacularly.

      • it was a dust collector for me the only time it got played was when my younger family was around.

      • There’s loads & loads of ‘core’ games, they just didn’t sell very well as the console was mainly picked up by ‘non-core’ gamers & what followed was 3rd parties looking to cash in on this new & very large market. but that doesn’t mean the core games aren’t there.

      • The games were really only core in name, not in gameplay. A Wii COD could never compete in the same way as an Xbox/PS3 COD so it could never appeal to the core in the same way.

      • but most decent wii games got drowned in a sea of shovelware.
        anybody remember when the nintendo seal of quality actually meant something?
        previous nintendo home consoles might have had less games than other systems, but i’ll bet they had a higher percentage of great games too.

    • And stuff like No More Heroes. And what’s that game where you murder everyone with super stylised art?

      • MadWorld – Lots of advertising and no sales.

      • Hello Kitty: Chop Chop Cooking (road to world domination edition)

  6. This will be interesting. & I wasn’t even a fan of the Wii.

  7. I am really interested to see what direction Nintendo go with the successor. Whether they keep the motion controls that appealed to a lot of casual gamers but created very mixed opinions in the core market, whether they use touch screen controllers that sound (in my opinion) very useful, whether it will be a cheap to make console again that reaps large profits or whether it will be an HD powerhouse that appeals to the core market but could put off the early adopters in the casual market. Can’t wait!

    • I think they are returning to the old way of controlling your games with a slice of DS mixed into it with the screen on your controller. You wouldn’t be able to take much info from the screen if you were swinging it around most of the time.
      If the leaked info is true, we are looking at a little powerhouse. I can’t wait!

  8. i don’t think i will make my mind up until i see some pictures:)

  9. Seems a bit early to be annoucing a successor. I thought it would be annouced at least 7 years after release.

    • this is nintendo, they seem to do a new hardware launch about every year, if you include new versions of their handhelds.

      and the wii has finally started slowing down.

  10. They’re in a good position, already with the best selling console and launching a new one well before their rivals should help them keep up momentum. I expect announcements from Sony and MS too, not about their next consoles but probably about the ‘future-proofing’ of PS3 and 360.
    I would be surprised if Nintendo dropped motion control but they might want to shift emphasis to standard controllers to attract a core crowd.
    Looking forward to finding out specs etc.

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