Information Emerging From Nintendo’s Tokyo Earnings Briefing

Reports are coming in from Nintendo’s Tokyo Earnings Briefing with regards to what the big N had to say. First up it seems that 3DS owners, in Japan at least, will be getting a free copy of the 3D Classics version of Excite Bike when the eShop launches this May.

The 3DS Virtual Console will feature Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, although Nintendo would like to look into the possibility for other platforms. In terms of 3DS games Kid Icarus won’t be arriving until after summer, unfortunately.


There is joy for all as the Wii’s Vitality Sensor peripheral is still under development! The challenge is that it’s easy to make it work for 80% of people, but difficult to make to make it work for 99%.  

Nintendo realise that people need an incentive to StreetPass, so free content such as classic games will be provided. Despite the focus on a new console, the Wii will still be pushed.

It was also said that Nintendo feel that gaming is better with buttons, so don’t expect to see a machine without that type of control interface.

Source: Andriasang/NintendoEverything



  1. Buttons are essential. Simples.

  2. “The challenge is that it’s easy to make it work for 80% of people, but difficult to make to make it work for 99%”

    What do they mean by this? Is it that it only works 99/100 times one uses the sensor? Otherwise someone needs to learn some percentages

    • It means that it’s hard to get working for 19% of people. Simples.

      • I thought that at first but then there is 1% missing. Ah my brain hurts studying some good ole Uni maths and physics. I must take a nap

    • it’s impossible to get it working for 100% of people. For example, there’ll be something like 3% who can’t use a DualShock because of missing fingers, hands, arms or bones structure/joint problems. The aim with manufacturing anything that needs physical interaction is to get it working for as close as possible to 100%.
      He’s saying that 80% is still too low to release but making it work for a reasonable percentage to qualify for release is proving very difficult.

      • Fantastic, thought I was reading something wrong

  3. 80% of the time it works every time.

    • Ah, the new AND improved version!

  4. I’ve got points ready to be bought with CN rewards, take your time Nintendo and slowly get DS classics such as Castlevania on the 3DS… I wouldn’t mind my dear

  5. I really do hope that the prices on the eShop are sensible! There is potential there, if the pricing is done right.

    I’ve not played my 3DS much, been waiting for a few of the launch games to go down in price a good bit.

    • I’d be surprised if they don’t go with the exicting stars system from the Wii.

  6. Does a vitality sensor dectect how many shiatzu massages you’ve had recently?

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