More L.A. Noire Screens Surface

May is going to be a very busy month for gamers but even with all the great titles that will be filling store shelves, L.A. Noire has to be one of the promising. Recently, 6 new screenshots began to circulate around the web and they’re waiting below for your viewing pleasure.

I think by now we’re beating a dead horse by saying this but L.A. Noire is looking absolutely fantastic and we simply can’t wait for its arrival.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Awesome screenshots.

  2. Nice :-)

  3. A pleasant distraction from current goings on. I havnt watched any of the latest trailers, due not wanting anymore spoilers, but screenshots look awsome. So we have l.a. noire, brink & my minds gone as to anymore May treats, can someone jog my memory. I’m more than happy with those two great releases, still undecided re: red river, due to being made more linear(linear & flashpoint should never be in the same sentence, shame on you c.masters. Oh we want to make it more accessible. Fist they take my socom, now f.point whats next?) Anyhow I still have d.rising & after the whole liniear thing, may keep. Was initially going to trade towards r.river.

    • minds gone *blank (edit feature really should be accessible to all)

  4. ****… *First *Fist they take

  5. hollywoodland? i guess we’re still in the parallel universe that rockstar is so fond and not actual L.A.

    • No, it is actually set in LA. The Hollywood sign used to read ‘Hollywoodland’ and would’ve looked like this in the period when the game is set. A nice little touch of authenticity.

  6. So excited about this game. Not long now.

  7. I’m really unsure of whether I’d like this, I know it will be damn good I’m just wondering if I’ll get anything out of it.
    Think I’ll take the plunge

    • Made my mind up, release day for me.

  8. I pre-ordered it on the basis that they used the same font as Flynn’s Arcade.
    Geek, I is.

  9. Getting closer and it looks lovely. I think I might make this my only purchase this summer.

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