3DS Goes Ico, Beyond The Labyrinth

Konami’s taking the 3DS in a fresh new direction – this Tri-Ace developed RPG looks above and beyond anything we’ve seen so far on the 3DS yet, and sports a seriously Ico-esque look and feel.

Already 60% complete, this 3D role player features a girl as the main player and will be centred around exploring dungeons and ruins – it already looks beautiful so let’s hope we get some gameplay details soon.

Source: Famitsu, via GAF.



  1. Wicked, I can’t wait until the next wave of games hits.

  2. oooh pretty.
    psp too please? No? Damn you Nintendo…One day I shall have your three de ess.. but not today

  3. Now see THAT makes me want to buy a 3DS.

    • Same here. I hope I can resist the urge to go out and buy a 3DS when this game hits…

      • Yep.
        If they can make the gameplay match the visuals, I’ll be getting a 3DS.

    • I can’t shake the feeling that the selling points of this game are “feels like ICO and has a hot jailbait as a main character” :D

  4. And there it is, the final push I needed for a 3DS.

    This and MGS are the reasons I am in, so Ninty go and say thanks to Konami!

  5. I decided I wanted a 3DS just yesterday following the Mario news, now seeing this I realise I /need/ one. Lovely.

  6. I wish I could afford and that they didnt make me ill.

    Played one a while back for a bit and felt so rotten after, could of been a coinsidence…but £200 for a headache no thanks I can get them for free hehe

  7. “will be centred around exploring dungeons and ruins”

    Is that Konami code for we can’t be bothered adding NPCs? I always hate RPGs that feel lifeless, no matter how pretty they are (which this definitely is).

    • I think there’s a certain atmosphere that comes with huge empty almost lifeless dungeons. I kind of like it if it is done right.

    • having something to fight doesn’t always make the game better, i still haven’t finished ico because of those bloody smoke momsters and how bloody useless yorda was, had to stop every few seconds to go rescue her.
      ugh, so annoying.

      give me ico, with none of those smoke monsters so i can concentrate on the puzzles, and i’d be a very happy girl.
      having that as an option in the hd remake would guarantee a sale here.

  8. that’s looking pretty good. Hopefully there is something to do in game.

  9. Looks as though the puzzle element is styled as a 3D Echocrome, which would truly blow the mind in a beautiful Team ICO like setting. Man I want this HD collection even more now, or a 3DS : )

  10. Wow, looks… epic.

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