Modern Combat: Domination Coming To The Mac Store

Described as “pure unadulterated fun” by our very own Stuart Montgomery, Modern Combat: Domination is preparing to launch on the Mac Store later this month. Domination is a no-nonsense online first person shooter from Gameloft, focusing mainly on its refined gameplay and match types. The game originally launched in January as a downloadable title for the PlayStation 3, sporting impressively accurate Move integration, standing evidence of Gameloft’s great quality, great value initiative.

Obviously, the Mac version won’t include motion controls, but it will still come at an affordable price, offering an accessible, streamlined online shooter.


This interesting move by Gameloft suggests further development for the Mac audience, indicating that the publisher’s recent PSN release, Dungeon Hunter: Alliance, could also follow a similar route.



  1. this game is shit

    • haha, im sooo glad you said it. Saved me from doing it. Awful awful game.

      • I didn’t like the demo, but didn’t give it much of a chance.

    • Well maybe every modern shooter is s*** and boring, its sad that they tend to get hyped up. So we should fight in the future instead and in Space. Gundam?

      A new SW: Battlefront would be nice, hopefully Starhawt is similar to that…

    • I actually enjoyed the game quite a bit, despite no being a big fan of modern-era shooters.

      • lol are you trolling bro ?

    • i agree with this man. awful game no matter how you sugar-coat it.

  2. My bro says this game is fun.

  3. I kinda enjoy this game, its a lot like counter strike. It has its lag/OMG I shot him way before he shot me, and I died moments.

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