CoD Map Pack: Escalation Now Live

The newest map pack for everyone’s favourite batshit crazy modern FPS with torture-filled cutscenes is now live. Obviously it’s not out on PS3 yet and the PC version is also delayed to fulfil the 360’s exclusive period so don’t fret about the PSN, PS3 users weren’t due this pack yet anyway.

The pack is 1200MSP and includes four new maps plus a zombie map. Areas are pretty diverse with an abandoned zoo, military convoy, Cuban hotel and Russian village all making an appearance alongside the Call of the Dead zombie-flavoured area.


We’re told that there’s a double XP weekend coming up too and that it’s for everyone, not just the lucky Xbox Live gamers with their hands on the new maps.



  1. Does it have any new trophies/achievements? I quite liked the way Treyarch did that with [email protected] I’m sure I’ll buy this as everyone else on my friends list will. Though I might just play Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat instead.

    • It should do. The last Map pack had 4 trophies, all for the zombie map.

    • it will have 5 new trophies/achievements.

  2. A zoo…. what happened to all the animals?

  3. Looks great, with the zombie map in particular going over & above expectations

  4. I was hoping it wasn’t an abandoned zoo, shooting a panda in the face is a lifelong dream. :)

    • I have just forwarded this comment to the WWF.

      • Would you get them to send me a baby panda whilst you’re doing that *loads shotgun* :P

      • yeah, smackdown a panda!

  5. So there is no animals in the zoo map? :(

    • Random animal mauling deaths would be quite a cool introdcution

    • No animals? Poor show.

      My hitlist would be…
      1. giraffe – long-necked freaks
      2. hippo – just a glorified pig
      3. panda – the smuggest animal on the planet

      • I’m with you on shooting that panda, glad I’m not the only one who thinks they’re smug.

      • Nah, wouldn’t shoot one but would punch on.

      • *one

      • ahh! panda’s what a life..
        eats,shoots and leaves.
        much like my sex life….

      • Punch a panda, come on they already have 2 black eyes.

      • Wonkey-willy – You realise that Pandas are actually incredibly reluctant breeders which is why they are so endangered. Perhaps not the image of your sex life you’d want to portray

      • And they say playing video games doesn’t make you into an evil sadistic nut job intent on slaughtering babies and wildlife? Pfft !

      • Well, Pandas don’t even try. Lazy bastards. If they aren’t going to shag for the sake of their own species’ survival then they can just f*** off and extinct…uh…ify

  6. It shouldn’t be a problem that the latest COD:BO map pack isn’t available yet on the PSN. The PSN is (apparently) down until the end of the month anyway. It might work out that when the PSN Store becomes available, the latest map pack will become available – that’ll be a good purchase

    • Have I missed something? I thought everything was meant to be back up and running today?

      • The Store is meant to be down until the end of the month. Not the whole network.

      • Oh thats ok then lol

  7. Wonder what game I buy at £11.99…. :/, Under Siege?

  8. Definately more of a battlefield fan than COD, but that zombie map looks ace :)

    • I only bought BO’ps for the zombies, but I’m with you on the Battlefield Bad Company 2 multiplayer is great, you can’t beat tanks and Apache heli’s

      • I would agree and I haven’t touched BLOPS since KZ3 came out

      • I only got Killzone last week so I haven’t been able to try it online yet

  9. there goes another tenna.wasnt going to get this map pack but ***must resist MUST resist*** too late it downloading now…

  10. They still charge too much.. Also double XP weekend? meh.. I’m lvl 50 and cba with prestige. I’m obviously not that into cod.

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