New Assassin’s Creed Teasers Released

We’ve been watching this develop for a few days now, but it seems likely that a new Assassin’s Creed announcement is imminent. It all started with a flash screen called ‘Assassin’s Creed: Revelations’ being posted on the game’s Facebook page, then quickly removed (oops).


Since then there have been three teaser trailers, all typically mysterious. So is this Assassin’s Creed 3? Or another spin-off?




    -mega happy-

    • Sums my feelings up when I first heard.

  2. Hope it isn’t out this year. Too may games, plus UBI said there wouldnt be one in 2011 ;). Would be great to play Altair again, especially if he has Ezio’s fluidity!

    • They did say that, yes. But then they changed their mind and said there will be a consolebased AC-game in 2011…

      Hopefully they won’t release it in November, that month is full to the rim.

    • When Brotherhood came out it did well against Black Ops. Don’t see why it wouldn’t be the same against another CoD or BF3.

      • I’m sure it can hold its own against those titles as well, yeah..
        Problem though is that we gamers will have way to many great games coming in a short space of time, Uncharted 3, Skyrim, rumoured Team ICO Collection, next COD and possibly this. Too much!

  3. Seems like this’ll be for the first AC, what Brotherhood was to AC2.

    Personally, I always prefered the setting of the first game over that of the two latter, and I also felt Altair was a much more interesting and assassinish character, so definitely hoping these rumours are true.

    I also heard that it will be officially revealed in the May 13th edition of Game Informer.

  4. Seems strange there hasnt been any update of Ghost Recon from Ubi. Wonder if its been delayed again?

  5. After the ending of Brotherhood…. how could Altair play a part of the next chapter only for it to be cliff-hangered again?
    Hmm it better be a AC 3, the long story is reaching its climax and I would hate to see a prequel.

    Bet its a 3DS game

  6. It really annoys me when they use a social networking site to reveal new games.
    I got an email the other day from ubisoft about a reveal.
    Clicked on it and that took me to Facebook asking me to sign in. Seeing as I havn’t got an account, I couldn’t view it.

    • Hahaha, so true, haven’t got it either.
      We’re gamers goddamnit!!

    • Well said. I’d prefer my friends and family to think I’m normal, not a nerdy kid in his bedroom with the curtains drawn at 2pm.

      Like Assassin’s Creed… too late!

  7. Im guessing Assassins Creed III wont be out till November 2012, which would parallel the story from the game anyways! Makes sense

  8. I hope they don’t release 175143751438 DLC’s for this one. They could, for once, sell the full game and just release patches for it, could be nice :P

    BTW, AC is one of my fav sagas… But hey, I’m tired of being milked!

  9. I’ve been following this very closely, I love the AC series. On the official forums, the detective work by some users is simply admirable. The Arabic text apparantly says Altair’s full name, so it’s almost certainly going to be him. That coin thing is speculated to be from Crete, so that could be the next setting. I’m pretty sure this will be basically AC1.5, much like Brotherhood was AC2.5.
    I’m just hoping it doesn’t turn out to be some rubbish 3DS game or something, all that hype for nothing! Hopefully we’ll get a full announcement at E3, if not before then.

    • i think they had a ds or a psp game with him on crete. bet they are following on that story of just remaking it for those of us without handhelds

    • 13th of May I heard. Game Informer. Leaked stuff I tell ya…

  10. The more AC on the HD consoles the better imo, the Holy Land was a great setting, returning there would be cool. Hopefully it’s a red herring and actually it’s set in Meso-America just before the arrival of the conquistadors, spreading from the aztec north to the post-classic Mayan south. I doubt it though…

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