THQ Releases FY11 Report

THQ rolled out their yearly fiscal report covering 2011 yesterday, and while there’s definitely some good news in there, there’s also a slew of negatives to go along with it. Starting with the positives, their net sales came in at an impressive $802.3 million, which is up from the $665.3 they reported for FY2010. Unfortunately, they still lost a total of $136.1 million in 2011, $44.1 of that coming the fourth quarter alone.

Back to the positives, THQ’s two WWE-flavored games shipped a combined 4 milion units, just ahead of the 3 million UFC Undisputed 2010 achieved by itself. Their newest shooter, Homefront, came in at an impressive 2.6 million units, although they’ve only needed to ship an additional 200k since launch. Rounding out the top 5 was the uDraw Game Tablet for Nintendo Wii (and soon to be Xbox 360 and PS3) with 1.7 million units.

While the numbers paint somewhat of a grim picture for 2011, THQ President Brian Farrell was optimistic that things will improve in 2012.

“We expect to generate significant growth, profitability and cash in fiscal 2012, driven by the latest installments of multi-million unit selling franchises, Saints Row, Red Faction, Warhammer 40,000, MX vs. ATV, UFC, WWE, and uDraw. We are creating a digital ecosystem for each of these games that will continue to keep consumers engaged and generate additional revenue opportunities beyond the initial retail sale. We also continue to aggressively invest in our digital initiatives, including online social and mobile offerings as well as our Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online MMO.”

We’ll find out at this time next year if he’s right.

Source: VG247


  1. Hopefully we’ve seen the last of Homefront – a wholly generic game that only did well because of mass marketing rather than quality IMO

    Can’t help but wish THQ would re-form AKI and make another WWE game like WWF No Mercy or WCW vs nWo on N64

    • They basically confirmed a sequel before the original was out. Although some say 1st the worst, 2nd the best…..

  2. So Homefront surpassed its target of 2 million (I think that was it). I’m quite surprised by that, although it’s been in the UK charts for ages.

    • In retrospect, Homefront was disappointing. Its multiplayer did some new things that were a lot of fun but the game had soooo many bugs. And it took them over a month to release a patch that actually addressed any of them.

      Granted, they did patch some network issues on the PS3, as well as a profile freeze patch, but all the little bugs and glitches that made for a rough experience remained.

  3. Amazes me how you can take 800m but lose 40m. You’d think there’d be a large slice of profit in there, not a large loss. This just highlights the importance of people buying first hand games, devs and publishers are struggling and need as much help from people as possible to make a profit.

    • It was actually $136 million they lost.

  4. Does it mention in the report anywhere that THQ acknowledge their logo looks stupid, with it’s back-to-front, lower case H and Q that looks like a G? Because it does.

    • We’ll be sure to reach out to them and see what they think ;-)

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