From Dust Gets Video, Still Looks Fascinating

From Dust is the new game from Eric Chahi, the guy who is most famous for 1991’s Another World which is often mistaken as the predecessor to Flashback. While those two games are not really related, Flashback clearly took many prompts from Chahi’s earlier game and both games still have their ardent admirers.

From Dust though, is the new project. Chahi has been given the chance by Ubisoft to make a game which sounds truly original. The premise is that you control a tribe, comprised of many individuals, each with a lifespan of around seven minutes. You can influence the game area in a geological way to ensure your tribe’s safety. Firm details are vague and with such a novel idea it will always be difficult to adequately pin down the systems on show.

So, we’ll be keeping a close eye on these tech demonstration videos as they surface and we’ll try to bring you more info on the game soon.

Update: I added the wrong video to this post (I was watching them all…) here’s the new one:


  1. this looks amazing!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, this looks amazing. I don’t even like the genre but this sounds truly interesting!

  3. Looks exactly the same as the video they released months ago. Why bother?

    • It is the same. That video is dated August 18.

      • balls, I added the wrong video… Will update with the new one now!


      • :D
        *researches Seppuku*

      • i thought it looked familiar.

  4. FINALLY! I was getting worried that Ubi had binned it, there was no news about it at all! It looks amazing, really can’t wait for this!

  5. Need to see a lot more first. Intrigued though.

  6. whoa

  7. this looks like the kind of game i absolutely love.

    it’s looking like the true spiritual successor to populous, can’t wait.

  8. WAS looking forward to this… NOW I’m dying for it!

  9. sweet jsus! looks awesome but how about some actual gameplay?

  10. WOW!

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