IO Teasing, Hopefully Hitman

Just a quick snippet of news to alarm all you Hitman fanatics that you’ll want to keep your ears to the ground next week. IO Interactive, developers of the shiny-domed series, have just teased on their twitter account:

News Flash! Next week is going to be good. Very good. Get ready for incoming shrapnel. Keep your eyes open!

Obviously, we can’t confirm anything but we have been hearing faint rumblings about Hitman getting another outing soon, so this seems a perfectly logical assumption to make… Best to wait and see before getting too excited though, right?

Source: IO Interactive on Twitter



  1. Please let it be true.

  2. I saw that tweet, though for me “incoming shrapnel” conjures up images of a shooter rather than a Hitman game. Still, fingers crossed eh?

  3. “Get ready for incoming shrapnel” sounds to me a bit like a war-type game rather than the stealthy approach of hitman.

    New IP?

    • this. Agent 47 wouldn’t use a grenade. Unless he was trying to assassinate someone in a grenade factory.

      I would dearly love there to be another Hitman game though.


    • Is it wrong that I’d buy that day one? Actually, I don’t care. I would. :)

      • Me too – I thought the first one was actually pretty good (if perhaps a little simplistic)!

  5. I suspect it’s the next Hitman game, but I hope that it’s a Freedom Fighters sequel.

    • Now there’s a truly great game I’d forgotten about. Most underrated game on PS2? Nah, that’s undoubtedly Steambot something-or-other … ;)

      A new Hitman game certainly wouldn’t go amiss however, some of the missions were genuinely inventive and imaginative, and the extra grunt of PS3 would help in every area. I might need to tune the brightness on my TV though to avoid being blinded by the unprecedented level of sheen PS3 will place atop Agent 47’s swede.

      • Ah, Steambot Chronicles. I’d, erm, forgotten about that ;)

    • OMG it could be freedom fighters!!

  6. ive been waiting for a new hitman for years now, this sure would be an automatic pre-order for me

  7. Kane and Lynch in Medicated Poker,you heard it here first!

  8. One amazing level could involve killing off the characters of Kane & Lynch. It’d be like IO saying “yeah, they were a bad idea and it ends here”. Highly unlikely but still, an exceptionally cool way to kill off a videogame series.

    (apologies to those who like K&L, I really don’t)

  9. HD Collection Of Hitman games?

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