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Anonymous Get Hacked

It appears that Anonymous have trouble in their ranks – not that they had ranks to begin with, in fact that’s the problem. The following has been posted on a hacking site:

‘We regret to inform you today that our network has been compromised by a former IRC-operator and fellow helper named “Ryan”. He decided that he didn’t like the leaderless command structure that AnonOps Network Admins use. So he organised a coup d’etat, with his “friends” at . Using the networks service bot “Zalgo” he scavenged the IP’s and passwords of all the network servers (including the hub) and then systematically aimed denial of service attacks at them.’

Sony was targeted by a DOS attack and now Anonymous’ own members have used the same tools to bring down their IRC network.

‘We are profoundly sorry for this drama, and we can’t give you a an estimate on when service will resume normally,’ said Sony Anonymous.

The Law Of Karma:`For every event that occurs, there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first, and this second event will be pleasant or unpleasant according as its cause was skillful or unskillful.’ A skillful event is one that is not accompanied by craving, resistance or delusions; an unskillful event is one that is accompanied by any one of those things.’

More info can be found on thinq. We advise our readers to stay away from Anon’s sites, especially if they are compromised.


  1. i just shed a tear (of happiness:)

  2. Imagine what Anon is going to do to this guy now…
    They don’t exactly have a history of playing nice when it comes to individuals, do they?

  3. is this for real? looks to me like sony might wanna make a note of these ip addresses…

    • interesting read, and i must admit, i actually looked through all the names to see if there were any recognisable ones.
      who knows how true it is

    • And it just gets better. “Ryan”, whoever you are, thank you. This is too good to be true.

      • the pm log looks interesting too… don’t think sony would want this emailed to them as text before it disappears though, so i’m not gonna do that. its probably fake… unless it isn’t and someone wants to risk it…

    • The press, securitym experts and anyone who was hacked by them are going to have a field day. And I’m getting the popcorn ready!

  4. I dont believe them.

  5. absolutely brilliant….hahahahhahahaaaaa.

  6. Actually second thoughts ( – this looks legit – all them names and IP addresses. Im sure US security will have a field day with this information.

    • wow are they that BIG????

      • was suprised also.I think this news is true

  7. Muahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  8. :-| :-/ :-) :-D

  9. Niiiice work :) hahaha

  10. If it is true, that is fantastically poetic :)

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