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Amy: PS3 Version Completed In April?

At present, the survival horror game, Amy, has no fixed release date for PS3, Xbox 360 or PC but it appears that the PS3 version has been complete for at least six months.

Lexis Numerique marketing director Djamil Kemal has been speaking to Gamasutra and explained the impact of the PSN hack on April 19th 2011.

For the sales, it’s very simple, because we actually sold the game for two hours. So we had good sales for two hours, but we haven’t sold since the restoration, so for us it was really hard.

Honestly, Sony did a great job pushing us, and they did a lot of banners to launch the game, and we’re currently re-launching it. What we’re really pleased with is the great reviews; the few people who bought the game really loved it.

This statement is rather curious. The U.S. PSN Store update for April 19th has no mention of Amy and the European store was not updated that week update thanks to the hack. The Japanese store has irregular updates but I cannot find any mention of Amy being released there. 

The Lexis Numerique twitter feed has no mention of Amy ever being released and despite some serious Google ninja work I cannot locate any reviews of Amy.

Logic suggests that as the US PS store was updated on April 19th and the PSN hack happened that same day, Mr. Kemal was referring the the U.S. PSN store. Assuming Mr. Kemal’s statement is true, a number of PS3 owners have been playing Amy for six months so why has the game not reappeared on the store since the hack?

Two months after the PSN hack it was announced that Amy was no longer PS3 exclusive and would be available on Xbox 360 and PC.

It was recently revealed that Microsoft insist that any multi-platform game must arrive on XBLA the same day as it is sold on the PSN. Is this the reason why the PS3 version of Amy has yet to arrive on (or return to) the store?

Source: Gamasutra


  1. O_o; If someone bought the game I’m quite certain we would have seen videos of it already. Seems odd that NOBODY would say anything about it.

  2. Ah, I think the last paragraph is the answer. Stupid Microsoft.

    In terms of all of the great reviews though, maybe he’s living in a parallel universe?

    • Lol it would certainly explain the lack of ANY reviews or videos of the final game.

    • I don’t like it either, but i can see why they demand it, otherwise people with two consoles may buy more on the one console, purely for a few days advantage.

      • Yeah, I understand why they’ve done it but it is a little cheap.

  3. Meh this things makes me want to boycott the game and I will probably do it.

  4. I don’t think he’s talking about Amy here but Red Johnson’s Chronicles. I know it was released on the week PSN was brought down and I was one of the few who could buy it before the outage. It was a pretty good puzzle/detective story.

    • Absoloutely no mention of Red Johnson in the Gamasutra article.

      “Here, Lexis Numerique marketing director Djamil Kemal speaks to Gamasutra about the game’s (re)launch, the technical challenges the team had to overcome, and how Amy relates to other survival horror classics.”

  5. I can’t see why they won’t try to release the complete PS3 version to see if it bolds well and include extra DLC for the xbox and PC versions? I haven’t seen any video of Amy or any reviews.

    • Well that’s apparently against microsofts rules….

      • Perhaps they implemented the rules to combat the apparent switch to PSN by developers? Then again, that doesn’t make much sense because I think this was in place for a while.

  6. “It was recently revealed that Hitler insist that any multi-platform game must arrive on XBLA the same day as it is sold on the PSN”

    • Reported to AG. You may get banned very soon and this is not even funny. Expect an email from a mod. That is all.

    • RC: Try to keep it civil, please. Your comments are often quite disruptive or insulting and there’s really no need. You’re just making yourself look like a tool and I don’t think that’s really who you are. Keep it civil and I’m sure we’ll all get along swimmingly :)

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