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Amy Is Coming To PSN And XBLA

Way back in February we brought you the announcement of ‘Amy’, a new survival horror game with echoes of Ico’s hand-holding. We haven’t heard much since then, but it has now been confirmed that the game will be coming to both Xbox Live and PSN, previously marked as an exclusive for the latter.

Created by Paul Cuisset of Flashback and Fade to Black fame, the game is set in 2034 and sees the inevitable zombie apocalypse start off in a small town called Silver City following a comet crash. Whilst most of the population is now zombified, player character Lana is still fighting the infection – luckily for her, creepy child Amy has an immunity to the virus and can share that through touch. Unfortunately, Amy herself is terrified, inevitably, of the zombies and needs Lana to help her to safety.

You can read plenty more on the game over at the PlayStation Blog. The game’s scheduled for an autumn 2011 release on console, with a PC version to follow if it does well.

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. “DEEPER into the gameplay?!”
    You’d swear we just went into the gameplay… :P
    Well, the game looks great, stunning in fact, and the premise sounds good, so…
    Please be great?

  2. hmm not Exklusive anymore… will have too se more gameplay now to consider if i want to buy it.(mostly buy ps3 exklusive games as i’m not made out of money and with exklusives they are almost 90% that they will be quality)

  3. I think it looks really good saying that we’ve only seen a tech display. I like the sound of the concept but we’ll have to wait and see. keeping an eye on this one!

  4. GOD RAYS!

    (What are God rays, and where can I buy some?)

  5. Amy Winehouse?

  6. Hmm, the blog says this summer and NOT fall and the site only lists PSN.

  7. Flashback yes, Fade to all that tech trickery looks impressive though so i’m cautiously optimistic.

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