New PS3 Exclusive ‘Amy’ Revealed

Developed by VectorCell, the PlayStation 3 has a new exclusive in the form of Amy. It’s a similar situation: the world has gone completely to pot, global warming having rendered our fragile home practically uninhabitable. To make matters worse, a comet has just slammed into Silver City, a town in the Midwest of the United States, the cosmic gate-crasher causing unimaginable havoc. It doesn’t rain, it pours, eh?


Protagonist Lana wakes up to find the inhabitants of her laid-back town transformed by a mysterious virus. Joined by the equally macabre “Amy” – an unassuming little girl – the pair embark on a quest for survival.

The game is designed by VectorCel co-owner Paul Cuisset, creator of seminal games such as Flashback, Fade To Black and the Moto Racer series, and is expected via the PSN sometime in Q2 of this year.

Source: Electronic Theatre



  1. Practically inhabitable?! Oh no!

    • Love it.
      An excellent error. :)

      • And a stealth fix?
        Fess up!
        No hiding, Kovacs! :P

  2. Somehow that managed to sound familiar and offering something a little different all at the same time. I think it was the second paragraph that picked up my interest and the prospect of it being on PSN. Interesting stuff anyway and good for Sony to have another exclusive.

  3. Except for the mention of Flashback, it doesn’t seem interesting at all.
    The artwork is particularly discouraging.

  4. Was hoping this would be full retail. Sounds interesting

  5. Day one. Anything by the Flashback bod is good.

  6. Sounds all too familiar. This will have to be very good in order to be acknowledged by people.

  7. i remember playing the demo of the mega cd version of flashback, but i don’t think they ever released the finished version, it had some great, for the time, fmv sequences.

    • Played it on the Mega Drive, excellent game! :D

  8. “Global Warming” so i guess we’re looking at science fiction here. Hopefully this game doesn’t politicize itself too much, otherwise day 1 buy

  9. Drool @ Flashback! That was a game and a half, but this sounds a bit predictable.
    Also, what’s the big idea with giving games girls’ names lately? It’s a bit weird.

  10. Never heard of that guy of the studio. Not much to go on story/gameplay wise.

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