First New Hitman Teaser Trailer Launched

This has been so long in the making even Jesus is letting out a sigh of relief, as the first teaser for the new Hitman game has been released. Titled ‘Absolution’, a formal announcement by Square-Enix is expected tomorrow.

Source: YouTube via VG247



  1. ehh

    • I agree completely. I like the point your making.

  2. Never played the Hitman games. Is it like Splinter Cell mixed with the suave of James Bond? Or am I way off?

    • You’ve missed out then, they’re fantastic.

    • I have only played blood money on the pc but it was absoloutley briliant oved evry minute of it and remember being stunned by the mechanics of it and the amazing graphics. A must

  3. i’d love to print that barcode out and see what it scans as in tesco. ^_^

    anyway, not much to go on there.
    i know they call them teasers, but you have to show something don’t you?

    there seems to be a trend in teaser trailers lately where they show next to nothing, i swear i’ve seen one that was a two minute video and all they showed was a bloody logo.

    • Tried it at a Walmart before on one of those U-Scan kiosks, I got nothing.

      Anyway, that is what teaser trailers do, they just tease. Nothing much shows at a teaser trailer.

  4. Anyone else notice that at the end all numbers go red except for 0401?
    Using american date April release next year?

    • had another look after reading this.
      look at the first six numbers.
      11 07 06, could be a date reversed.
      2011, and either 7th of june or 6th of july.
      with the american date layout it would be the 7th of june.
      04 01, could be a time,

      • i just remembered, e3’s on the 7th of june isn’t it?

      • the 0401 has always been in Agent 47’s barcode, and i’m with you on it being the 7th June (E3) for the official announcement.

      • well the time thing was a long shot, because i wouldn’t have thought they’d be making any announcements at four in the morning.
        but not knowing that those numbers were always in his barcode a time was the only thing i could think of.
        i also counted 47 days from now to see if that matched either of the possible dates, it didn’t.
        and as i was typing this reply i realised that’s from his codename, agent 47.

      • i only found out that the 0401 was always there today as well, was doing some research after seeing the teaser :)

      • An official announcement is coming tomorrow.

  5. So is this what they were teasing last week with that ‘shrapnel’ comment then?

    Still don’t see how Hitman & Shrapnel actually go together tbh…

  6. 1. HELL YEAH
    2. Ehh what?
    3. It best be damn good after waiting on blind faith for 5 years.

  7. More to come, viral marketing campaign has started and finally lots will be shown at E3.

  8. Hoping for lots of info at E3!

  9. Fantastic, about time!

  10. rather menacing but also pointless?

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