Micro-Transaction Based CoD Coming For China

There’s been a ton of buzz surrounding a new Call of Duty title over the past few weeks. Fueled by many rumours and the fact that this is usually the time of year when Activision announces their yearly CoD offering, it’s hard to stumble across gaming’s corner of the web without seeing it.

Activision themselves dumped more gasoline on the fire yesterday when they released their Q1 earnings report for FY2011. In the report, they made a very brief mention of a “robust investment in forthcoming Call of Duty titles, including a micro-transaction game for China.”


I was sincerely hoping that when Activision finally spoke about a new Call of Duty it would actually answer some questions instead of just raising more. But yet, here we are, asking away.

Why is this specific to China?

Which platforms will it be available on?

Why mention this in an investor call instead of giving it an official announcement beforehand?

Is this the CoD title that’s coming this year or are there two of them?

Is Beachhead behind this title or are they working on another CoD game?

You’re guess is as good as mine about all of the unanswered questions they’ve left us with. Fortunately, with E3 only a few weeks away, everything asked above will likely come out at that time… we hope.

Source: Activision



  1. Who’s Beachhead?

    • One of the developers that is working on the Call Of Duty franchise. I think they were created this year (or perhaps it was last year) after Infity Ward was gutted.

    • On Project Beachhead:”On our last call, I told you that we had formed a wholly-owned development studio called Beachhead to lead the creation of an all new connected digital universe to the Call of Duty franchise. This platform will include a suite of services and content plan that will unite and ignite the community like never before. The platform will support in-game integration and bring online experiences and console play together for the first time. It’s been in development for almost 2 years and we’re very excited about this increased value and excitement we can bring to our community through this platform.”

  2. I know the free 2 play models are huge in korea and asia, and I’m sure Acti is just trying to open up some more markets, but doesn’t China have a history of banning games. CoD just seems like an edgy choice to install in a market that doesn’t favor western trends that much. Not that there’s anything wrong with China getting a special CoD, but I can’t see Acti not pushing CoD on every country it can. Unless it’s a special free CoD to help combat piracy in the “R5” region.

    • china has a history of banning almost everything.
      they banned crime shows, and soaps, the kind you watch on tv, not the kind you wash with, that last one’s not necessarily a bad thing though.

      they recently banned tv shows and movies that include time travel, what that was about i have no idea.
      are they worried they might inspire somebody to build a time machine and go back in time to prevent china from becoming a communist state.

      although for a communist state they’ve embraced the capitalist ideal extremely enthusiastically.

  3. Perhaps they mean a cod for China dolls? Doesn’t have to be a headshot for a 1 shot kill, any shot smashed you up into smitherines…

  4. China can keep it. Can’t stand Microtransactions. They can think again if they expect me to pay for tiger camo for my Famas…. ;)

  5. Some of its features will be monetised, explained Hirshberg, though CEO Bobby Kotick later stressed there will also be “a lot of new capabilities and services provided free of charge.”

    That there is in reference to the West and not China so say hello to being charged for further crap from these goons.

    • maybe the map packs should be free of charge

  6. Free to play backed up by microtransactions is huge in China and is the only way to release something there. Also, it won’t cannibalise their existing CoD business in the West

  7. Hopefully this will remain a china/far east only thing.

  8. i think it will be adopted as an asian region CoD since there are many gaming cafes in this region. plenty of games are like WoW and if not, they tend to exhaust a game plenty so I’d say it was a long term thing for micro transactions to still gain revenue by making a CoD longer lasting. Hard to say but maybe. just maybe

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