Dark Souls Dated, Gets Trailer

A release window for the grim, yet compelling ‘Dark Souls’ has been released, and it looks like we’ll be having our arses handed to us this October. Japan, however, are lucky enough to be getting the game in September.

To celebrate a new trailer has been released, which can be found below.


Source: Andriasang



  1. can’t wait for this!

  2. newcomers are going to suffer so bad……

  3. Ooh, some of those enemies are rather large. Looking forward to this.

  4. Superb. 50 secs in, it looks like there’ll be group co-op. It was always great fun with a mate, even though we had to use skype on our laptops to communicate: “Ok…I’m dropping my stone now. PICK IT UP!”
    It’s also funny that the first half of the trailer shows some of the ways you can die….because you will.

  5. Looks brutal, cannot wait to get my hands on this… ! Hopefully it’ll be released early in October then, as far away from November as possible.

  6. Always wanted to play demons souls but anytime i went to pick it up the game was always out of stock or never got in to some shops, so hoping retailers definitely get dark souls in.

    Really looking forward to this although i find it extremely intimidating on how hard it will be to get through it.

  7. I am sooo gonna buy it.

  8. If it improves on Demons Souls in any way I will chism

  9. I expected it too look a lot different when they announced it wasn’t a sequel, glad to see they are sticking to what made demons souls so awesome!

  10. awwww hell yeah I am 3 trophies of a platinum for demons souls then I cna get back to brutal pvp until, oct job done cant wait.

    Hi all btw first post on this site :)

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