Tekken Animated Movie Coming This Summer

Namco has revealed a teaser trailer for an animated Tekken movie that’s currently in the works. It looks pretty awesome.

The movie, titled “Tekken: Blood Vengeance”, is directed by Youichi Mouri, the same person behind the opening cutscenes for Tekken 5 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that the screenplay is done by Dai Sato (Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop). That’s definitely a big name right there. Digital Frontier, the crew that worked on Resident Evil: Degeneration, will be doing the CG.


Check out the trailer below:

Source: Harada_Tekken



  1. I much prefer a CG movie of a game series than a live adaption, this looks a lot better than the live action Tekken movie, which I was excited about but was a complete pile of w***.

    • Saw an advert for the DVD & BR release of the live action movie. Straight to Bargain bin / 24hr garage shite

      • Pretty much yeah, it didn’t exactly get a strong world wide release either, I think it was only available in cinemas in the US. Although I don’t know why that surprises me. Apart from Silent Hill pretty much every game-movie adaption has been an utter fail in my opinion. I know the Resident Evil series is popular but I lost interest after the first when they started stamping all over the games’ continuity. The first was great because it was well done and ambiguous to the games.

    • I currently have the live action one from lovefilm – dont know what i was thinking but its been sat there for a week now and i am running out of excuses to keep avoiding it!

      • Just send it back mate.
        jayjay119 is right, it’s absolute tosh!

      • I will do but i am being strategic in timimng it right so L.A. Noire comes back ;)

  2. Is that Panda flying like a rocket?

  3. Will there be a boxing kangaroo fighting giant pandas with shiny bracelets?

    • Well the Panda (Kuma I think) is flying

  4. I liked the FF films a lot, but that might just be me. I’ll probably give this a go when it’s £3 in Tescos.

    • The CGI on the latest Tekken games are brilliant, I’d pay anything for a movie of Tekken

    • Advent children wasn’t bad, it was very pretty if nothing else :)

      This might actually have a coherent story, what with someone of Dai Sato’s experience doing the screenplay. If he can write eps of Ghost in The Shell: SAC, not to mention Cowboy Bebop or Eden of the East, he can write anything.

  5. Everything should be in anime form real movies just don’t work

  6. Looks great, given the pedigree of the witer, I’m quite optimistic. Last one I watched was Advent Children, which felt like watching someone play Final Fantasy for 2 hours. Glad I got it from Lovefilm.

    • ..that is got it from Lovefilm and didn’t bother buying it.

  7. Hmm.. that looked better than i expected it to be. Don’t know bout that panda bear though! I know it was a character in the game but still.

  8. degeneration was pretty good, this looks cool too.
    it would be fantastic if this got a theatrical release so i could see it in 3d, but if 2d at home is my only option then that’ll have to do.

  9. give away with a new game like the street fighter dvd ?(which i still havent watched lol)

  10. I’ll add that to my Lovefilm list, looks great.

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