Creative Assembly Working On Aliens Game

West Sussex-based developer, Creative Assembly, this morning announced at a press conference that one of its teams has been put to work on an all-new Alien video game title. CM are praised among the PC crowd for their creation and dedication to the Total War franchise, which was recently updated with the release of Shogun: Total War. The untitled Aliens game will be published by SEGA, and won’t be making an appearance at next month’s E3 expo.

It’s likely that if you have read this far you are asking yourself the question: “Isn’t it a bit risky for a developer that is praised for its contributions to the RTS genre to be sticking its oar elsewhere?”


Maybe, yes. In 2008 Creative Assembly produced a little-known open world adventure game called Viking: Battle of Asgard. Across numerous icy Nordic landscapes, you would lead brigades of Viking warriors against the demonic legions of Hel. Though the core mechanics were a little weak, the huge environments and CM’s ability to cram hundreds of enemies into a single battle were impressive. Generally, Viking was seen as somewhat of a failure, a number of critics doubtful that the developer would stray from their RTS roots. It will be interesting to see how Aliens: Total War the project begins to shape up in the months to come.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. How many have been announced?

    • Aliens games? About 300,000 of them all of them stuck in development hell and will never see the light of day.

  2. i was hoping they’d decided to resurrect that aliens rpg, alas, it seems not.

    wasn’t there an aliens rts before?
    i swear i remember something like that on ps2 or the original xbox, never played it myself, but i’m sure i remember it.

    or was it predator?

    one of the two.

    • Yes there was an Aliens RTS but it was cancelled.

  3. Has Colonial Marines been cancelled? I picked up Aliens vs Predator for a fiver and quite enjoying it. It’s certainly got some problems and feels a little unfinished, but it has a good atmosphere and is a good platform to build on

  4. I was really hoping for colonial marines to be finished by now :(

  5. Hopefully this will be better supported than the farce that was Aliens vs Predator.

  6. Bet its shite.

  7. Aliens: Total War would be AWESOME!

  8. LOL – no one learns

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