Eden Games Organise One Day Strike

We hate bringing you negative news here at TSA, but we just received an unfortunate report of a temporary work stoppage at Eden Games. In case you’re not familiar with them, Eden is a studio owned by Atari, and they’re the developers behind Test Drive Unlimited 2.

Luckily, Eden is calling this one day abeyance of labor a “symbolic strike” rather than a refusal to work over the long term. According to Eden, the strike is due to mismanagement on the part of Atari that is about to cost almost two-thirds of the employees working at Eden their jobs due to layoffs. Eden claims their goal is to be “compensated the same way as an employee of Atari” as well as receiving a meeting with Atari CEO, Jim Wilson, who has yet to even introduce himself to the studio.


As of thus far, Atari has not responded to Eden’s disgruntled gesture.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Not good, hell this year has to be the worse along with Bizzare and Black Rocks….

  2. That’s a bit shit on their part. There’s bad communication then there’s not even bothering to look like you even bloody care. Come on, Atari!

  3. Atari, look after your peeps, without them you are nothing.

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