Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Confirmed

Yesterday City Interactive announced that their self-published first person shooter, Sniper: Ghost Warrior, will be getting a sequel. There has been no official press release yet, but we do know the follow-up will be titled Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 and it is expected to launch sometime next year for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. We also know that the game will run on Crytek’s superb CryENGINE 3 (Crysis 2,) which is both good and bad news; on one hand the game could look absolutely incredible, but those who have played the original will agree that Ghost Warrior’s biggest flaws weren’t in the visual department.

Source: IGN



  1. I’m half excited, will follow this one closely! :)

  2. I hired the PS3 version of this game last Friday and while I didn’t expect much I was pleasantly surprised. Even though I didn’t get to play the multiplayer part the single player was enjoyable and the game engine was quite impressive.

  3. Still planning on picking up No 1 this summer, so will keep an eye on the sequel too.

  4. The game is crying out for a patch to fix the bugs, if this is done soon this game would be great

  5. Serious camping fest!

  6. Is there room for even more fps?

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