PES 2012 Officially Unveiled

You’d need to be slightly less intelligent than the film that forms on an open bowl of custard to not expect this. PES 2012 has been officially announced by Konami and, predictably, promises a raft of improvements.

Most of these enhancements to the reworked game engine seem to come in the movement of AI team mates and how the defence acts together to mark players. It all looks very impressive but then, don’t they always?

The only surefire way to know if the projected improvements are actually any good will be to read the reviews and play the demo and game for yourself. PES impressed us last year, moving closer to the the heights it once reached as the discerning fan’s more realistic football game. Hopefully this year will see even more improvement. I for one can’t wait to see more football from Konami.


  1. Can’t wait

    since making the jump from Rooney’s ugly mug and the over active trick-stick I haven’t looked back.

    Roll on October-ish

  2. Would take something pretty amazing to get me to part with some cash for a footy game these days. gone are the days of Super Soccer. Wonder if itll me its way to the 3ds……

  3. Aha! You’re only 9hr 15m late with that super-duper-fancy-schmancy reveal! Cue several badly executed star-jumps! ;)

    Seems to have fixed what gripes I had, particularly in the attacking play (no mention of those diabolical penalties yet though) and I can’t wait.

    • we got the same press release as everyone else but it was hardly worth rushing for, was it?

    • What! The penalties were awesome in last years pro evo… They really were not very difficult to master, but you still had to concentrate when you were taking it. Plus it was pretty funny watching noobs blast them over the bar or straight down the middle. Can’t believe so many people didn’t bother learning how to take them…

      • “Can’t believe so many people didn’t bother learning how to take them…”

        That’d be me then. :D Might fire it up now and take a look.

      • After a couple of months I finally got around to watching YT vid, now I only sometimes miss them

      • I’ve been playing this since release and I still don’t know how to take them. T don’t even know how to make the goaly dive!!

      • I hated last years game, it would have been nice if the manual or a tutorial actually told you how to score (ie not shot straight at the goaly) or how to take a penalty.

      • Penalties were terrible. Learning them required a trip to YouTube – because of Pro Evo’s trademark godawful manuals that barely get beyond turning your console on. And the camera stayed side-on? What madness is that? Sure, it’ll switch for a penalty shootout, but to have to manually switch for a mid-match penalty was irritating.

        So that’s penalties. What else… advanced player search on the master’s league – trying to select the preferred side on the position select filter, it was forever greyed out. Not helpful. Replay camera, great in PES2010, unwieldy in 2011 – I don’t know why the developers felt it had to change.

        Still, it’s a damn sight better than FIFA.

  4. No matter how many times a play a PES game, i’m always dissapointed when I see Merseyside Blue!!
    (Luckily there are mod files to download for PS3)

    • indeed… in the first week of purchase, i have all the premier strips dloaded.

  5. I’ve been playing PES2010 since it was £4, the players feel so sluggish. Was it any different last year?

    • Last year it wasn’t all that great, I used to be a PES gamer since the beginning, however this gen it has failed to live up to fifa, which by the way isn’t that great either due to some online bugs etc

    • I had both, 11 was better all around

    • PES2011 is my first PES game, always hated it even back on the PS2 when most people found it better than FIFA

      Loved PES2011 found it brilliant and still am.

  6. Is the fact that he continuously says “I” a translation error or is he just selfish?

  7. PES on PS2 owned FIFA, however it’s failed on the PS3 to live up to the old days. I’m hoping this year will be the year for them to regain their crown =)

  8. PES fanboy here.. But watching that doesn’t blow me away at all.
    Early days, early days..

  9. PES is still terrible, the dribbling and passing are, imo, woefully bad. Still, I will no doubt cave in and buy this, and be hugely disappointed and continue with FIFA.

  10. I honestly can’t see PES lasting much longer, I think it will only be a matter of time before there is just the one football game, such a shame too, bring back the PS2 PES days!

    • pes is here to stay:)
      been playing since it was ws I.S.S. – interational superstar soccer. Missing master lge online so much:(

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