Bleach: Soul Resurrección Heading To Europe

Yesterday NIS America held an event where a number of dates for key titles were revealed. Thankfully it appears that Bleach: Soul Resurrección will be getting a European release this September.

The game plays very much in the style of the Dynasty Warriors titles, as you demolish wave after wave of enemies. Having played through the demo I am certainly keen to see more, and the official game trailer promises much in the way of trademark moves and playable characters.


Click here for the trailer.

Source: NIS America, Thanks Shogun Darius



  1. I was actually looking at the series’s earlier, It certainly looks interesting and will defoentially be following this.

    • Yeah I can’t wait to play some more. I felt the demo perhaps didn’t do the game justice, but I can see the potential.

  2. The Hack&Slash parts don’t even look that bad, interesting.
    It will need to have an option for the original japanese voices, that english makes me cringe.

    • I second that, though I think it might just be because I started watching it in Japanese.

    • Agreed, that was some terrible, terrible voice acting.

    • Yeah i hope this will have Japanese voices like the Naruto games do

  3. Love the series, and I hoped it’s not dubbed in English. I watch all anime subbed, as the English voice acting is pretty weak.

  4. *hope (I need my coffee)

  5. I’ve only seen the first few series of Bleach but it is a good fun action romp, this could be quite entertaining!

  6. this looks good and keeps to the story, hopefully it will have Japanese voices

  7. Great news that this game is getting a western release – does this mean that the publishing rights problems have finally been solved?

    Also am I the only one who likes the English Dub?

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