Fox News: “The End Is Near – For Game Consoles”

An article over on Fox News has got tongues wagging – “Will Nintendo’s next Wii game console be the last of its kind?” it asks, before speaking to an ‘avid’ gamer and – er – Michael Pachter.

“I actually think consoles are a thing of the past,” says aforementioned gamer Mark. Mark plays more games on his iPhone than he does on his Wii or Xbox 360.


“Why pay $50-60 for sequels of the same games on $300 machines when I can play newer experiences elsewhere in a lot less time – and for a lot less money – on devices I already use more?” he asked.

He’s not speaking for everyone, of course, but he’s also not alone.

“As non-traditional gaming platforms expand, can Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft keep doing business as usual? Do consoles even have a place in the future?” asks the site.

“Gaming will move to the cloud,” says analyst Pachter, suggesting that Sony and Microsoft’s next machines won’t be consoles in the traditional sense.

Nintendo, however, remain resolute.  “Consoles display games on the biggest screen in the house,” said Marc Franklin, director of public relations for Nintendo. “No other game device can match their impact. No other type of gaming brings people together in the same way.”

What are your thoughts?



  1. They can keep their toilet I-phone games.

    • I concur. Plus most of them are re-hashed versions of games we did first play on our big screen consoles.

    • I don’t know why its always made out that we can only have one or the other. Personally, I’d much rather sit at home and play “proper” games on a PS3 or 360 than play games on an iphone/android phone.

      But then some people prefer to game on their phones. Surely there’s room for both markets.

      • But yeah, those people weren’t “avid gamers” to start with. Bogus “news” organizations (yeah, right) like Fox News will make up shit to post their “stories”.

  2. I know I personally don’t get along with gaming on the move, so there’s always going to be a place under my telly for a ‘proper’ console. As for cloud based gaming, not everyone has access to the internet, and those that do may not have that good a connection.

    • I agree – and the last weeks worth of PSN fun doesn’t really strike a blow for cloud based gaming, does it?

    • This is true, cloud gaming won’t become pervasive until high speed broadband (I.e. > 6MB/s) penetration becomes huge, and speeds become fast enough (outside of Korea, the average is < 3-5MB/s). That'll take more than 20 years, if even longer. The biggest hinderance to that is a driver. The main reasons most people use the net are emails, surfing, content streaming/downloading etc. These generally don't need the kinds of broadband speeds required for cloud gaming. So there's really no reason for most countries or companies to spend the billions of dollars of capital to upgrade the network infrastructure so that everyone can have fibre optic broadband to the home. Both MS, Sony, Nintendo or any other future gaming platform holder certainly won't be looking to drop the traditional console hardware model anytime soon, unless they're happy cutting their revenue streams down by three quarters and only being able to serve a tiny fraction of the consumer populace. Console gaming will continue for the next 20-30 years. Cloud gaming might get bigger in the meantime, but we won't see real growth in these areas outside of places like Korea, Japan and some parts of China.

  3. Gaming, in a traditional way, will never go extinct. I don`t know how can an iPhone outdo a gaming console. If his definition of gaming is a 2 minute game of Angry Birds or 15 minutes of Tetris, then yes, we do not need gaming consoles and I am off to buy a 600€ piece of equipment :D

  4. You lost me at ‘Fox News’.

    • Same

    • I do believe that if it is broadcast on Fox News it automatically becomes a lie ;)

      • Even if its true, as soon as it is reported on Fox news it then becomes a lie!!

      • Even if I reported it myself on fox news, it would be a lie :oD Giggity!

    • Fox news or “Faux” news?

    • haha best comment ever.

  5. Give me large screen HD epics over finger cramping console wannabe phone games anytime.

    The analogy in the article can be used for another media. Why do people go to the cinema, when they can watch the same movie on their tiny phone screen?

    Anyway, this is from Fox, nuf said.

    • Cinema sales have been severely impacted by the rise of DVDs however, so people do choose convenience over experience. That said, although accessible, mobile gaming doesn’t offer an even remotely similar experience to console gaming, comparing games like Angry Birds to games like Uncharted would be insane. So I don’t see the death of consoles any time soon either.

  6. My thoughts are that this guy should not give up his day job, as long as there is a demand for console games then they will remain.

    Maybe the term “console” will change to have more functionality however the core process is going to be the same.

    • I agree, sort of like the way ps3 and xbox360 are today.

      Main function is Gaming but it also branches off into different types of media.

  7. Ha, The Cloud, have we already forgot about what has happened/ing to the PSN?????

  8. It’s a Fox news story, so you know is gonna be misinformed and stupid from the off!

    • So Fox is basically America’s version of the BBC then?

      • Rupert Murdoch. Fox News = Sky News. Think Sky News but dumbed down and even more sensationalist. It feeds on the thick and ignorant.

      • ‘It feeds on the thick and ignorant’

        Like the BBC then.

  9. The over estimation on the casual market these days never fails to amaze me. The type of gamer attracted to iphone games is, in general a whole other kind to that of a home console gamer. Personally I want more in depth stories, game play and immersion. It’s something I want to do to relax, like watch a movie or read a book, not something that I want to do on the 15 minute train commute to work in which case I’d rather listen to music. Different markets, different values. Home consoles are long from dead, and once again Pachter has proven himself to be an utter dingbat!

  10. Playing on an iPhone is not the same experience. They can keep their cloud games, I will gladly keep with my old consoles and their un-trendy glourious HD.

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