Take Two Share Price Rockets

The share price for Take-Two has rocketed from $15.87 to $17.17 which probably doesn’t interest you in the slightest, neither will the fact that Merrill Lynch have published a research note that upgraded the shares from a “neutral” rating to a “buy” rating.

Why should you be interested? Well investors want to make money and if the share value of Take-Two has suddenly gained $1.30 then it stands to reason Take Two have something up their sleeve that’s about to earn them a shed load of money.


Grand Theft Auto V at E3 then?  It seems you can, quite literally, put money on it.

Source: American Banking News



  1. New I should have bought them shares last week!

  2. Telling details. Hope it remains under wraps until then.

    Even though I wasn’t quite grabbed in the way I hoped by IV, there’s no doubting the pull and excitement the franchise generates throughout the gaming world, and financial one it would seem.

    Hope it’s true and I look forward to discovering the setting and main protagonist most of all.

  3. Some positive news at last!!

  4. They must have aquired the rights to the Dreamcast 2!!

  5. Have to say I thought it due to the imminent release of LA Noire? Oh well ;)

    • LA Noire is Team Bondi (with Rockstar Publishing) so not alot to do with T2, I would love to see GTA V!

      • Apart from T2 own Rockstar so a dollar in their pocket is much the same as it being in their own.

      • I was under the impression that Team Bondi and Rockstar co-developed LA Noire and Rockstar published it. If I’m wrong I stand corrected but I don’t think Team Bondi did it solo.

      • W00ps, my bad. T2 own Rockstar as stated below! apologies.

  6. Maybe they were finally bought by Activsion. (not a joke) It’s been rumored for several months now that Activsion wanted them and Activsion has the cash to do it, or they’re trying a hostile takeover right now which is driving the price up.

    • That’s what I was thinking, I really hope it is GTA V rather then Acti getting involved though. I don’t want Bobby Kotick messing around with Rockstar, or my beloved Civilization games.

    • if activision were to buy it the announcement of such a takeover would increase share prices, although I doubt it would be too discreet that there would be no leakage of such an agreement early on before this. Share prices would grow if news was relayed for the market to respond to. I think it would be financial status on game success and rumoured GTA V at E3

  7. It has to be GTA 5 they have under their sleeve. Unless nah,that is crazy. I can see GTA5 or anthor GTA game being annouced at E3 and a release date next year if Rockstar are not working on anything else as i think they limit themselves to one game a year.

  8. I think its LA Noire – the share price has risen just after the reviews embargo lifted…

    • The buzz on LA Noire has been immense for months, everyone knows it will be 90+s and sell billions already.

  9. Mind boggling.

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