SOCOM Devs Hit With Layoffs?

Unconfirmed reports are circulating this morning that Zipper Interactive, the guys behind the SOCOM seris, have been hit with layoffs.

Via GAF (and a couple of Tweets) it looks like a considerable number of (some say thirty-three) people have had the bad news overnight.


According to Kotaku, Sony have said that this is “normal business practice and a result of cutting back on production resources after the launch of two major franchises.”

We’ll try to get confirmation of this throughout the day.



  1. That’s a real shame if correct, MAG is one of my favourite games and Socom4 is very good too! Hope it doesn’t impact on any forthcoming DLC for socom though?

    • It may be one of your favourite games but factually both MAG and Socom 4 weren’t very well received and haven’t performed well at retail and that is the bottom line. If the dev can’t sell enough to make a profit then lay-offs are inevitable.

      • Yeah, I know & that’s a real shame really. Both are great at what they do, proper tactical shooters but they arent COD so get over-looked :(

  2. Sorry to hear that, never nice to see it.

  3. We get this story after so many big games come out.

    Getting bored of this now.

  4. Isn’t this similar to a situation Rockstar were in, shortly after the release of Red Dead Redemption where they’d brought in so many people for the purpose of getting RDR produced and completed that they had an excess of staff? With Zipper releasing MAG and SOCOM, and then these redundancies, it sounds like it might just be an industry practice. Not that it makes it any better on the people facing unemployment, mind.

    • I wonder – surely if they just needed staff to get a game out it would be on contract or something, so they would be expecting it. I can definitely see hiring extra staff to get a game finished to be a pretty common practice.

  5. Both games sold poorly I believe, not surprised though it seems as though Sony seemed to have used them just to release two stellar titles and then cut costs asap, hopefully they will find jobs among other sony studios!

  6. I feel for all those laid off and if you are one of them I hope you get another job soon.sad news.

  7. Is it possible that the people laid off were free lancers or people hired for specific task making the game, and their contracts have just finished ?

  8. nice i hope all of them get fired socom 4 worst socom yet… and MAG decent FPS with ps2 graphics

    • Did you not play Confrontation? S4 is far better than that peice of shrivelled poop!

  9. Shame, real shame.

  10. Really enjoyed the beta, not really into socom games but would have considered this if it wasnt released around the same time as Mortal Kombat.

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