Valve Skipping E3 This Year

Bad news for you gamers out there that were hoping to see the next Half-Life unveiled at E3. It seems Valve is not planning on making the trip this time around. In a press release that contained a whopping 30 words, they confirmed that they will have no presence at E3 in 2011.

Oh well, there’s always next year.





  1. Half Life 3 only behind closed doors then…?

    • One can only dream of the impossible.

  2. Oh C’mon! Where’s my Left 4 Dead Collection for PS3! lol

  3. Gutted.

    I need to know what happened with the Borealis for Christ’s sake!!!!

  4. It feels like I’ve waited a life time for Half Life Episode 3, I hope it’s soon.

  5. not surprised really, they have their hand full with portal 2 DLC and dota 2. Some ep 3 info would be nice though, we wouldn’t want another duke nukem situation.

    • Funny you mentioning that, since Gearbox already _have_ been developing add-ons to Half-Life in the past.

  6. NOOOOOO. I was hoping for Half life 2 Episode 3 or Half life 3 E3 Annoucement.Even Left 4 Dead 2 coming to PS3 would have been an excellent annoucument.TheLoneSteven doesn’t like this,TheLonesteven is not amused.TheLoneSteven will rage about this.

  7. Didn’t they say that last year?

    • Yeah that is what I thought, or did they just not say anything?

  8. Seriously now, I would really like the next HL instalment, I think 4 years is quite long enough, i mean, Alyx is starting to get too old for me lol!

  9. Untill Steam is so-so-so-so successful Burger Gabe wont do anything at pressure on them.Same as Blizz.Since they make a huge success with WoW,seems they have forgot how to make games.

  10. Shit, need to flipping get portal 2.

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