Minecraft Mobile Premièring On Xperia Play

You may well have heard that since the world didn’t end last Saturday, the second coming has now been rescheduled to late October – it sucks, sure, but let’s face it: with Minecraft now coming to mobile devices, the world will likely have ceased to be productive way before that.

Following the announcement of a Minecraft event to be held during E3 in collaboration with Sony Ericsson, Mojang have confirmed that the mobile version of indie hit Minecraft will be coming exclusively to the Xperia Play later this year, before spreading to other Android devices and Apple’s iOS platform. The Xperia version of the game will also be customised for the phone’s gamepad.


With the PC version of the game still in open beta, the mobile release will follow the same “release early and update frequently” approach to development. “When playing on smartphones you will have a different screen size compared to PC, different hardware, different attention spans and thus the game needs to be customized to fit the mobile specifications,” said Mojang to Gamasutra.

No details with regard to price, date, or length of exclusivity were given, but expect to see the proper reveal at that E3 event.

In other Minecraft news, Notch has posted the change log for this week’s 1.6 release of the game on his blog. The new version will include maps, the Nether in multiplayer, and a whole bunch of bug fixes.

Source: Gamasutra




  2. Keep meaning to give Droidcraft a go, but until royal mail deliver my 32gb mem card I’m juggling space around so I can’t

    Think it’ll be roughly 5mins for someone to get around this slightly silly exclusivity & have it playable on any Droid

  3. Sounds good, but I don’t have an Xperia. I want it on PS3 though. Would happily pay for an early release with updates or a full disc/PS Store release once finished. Looks great fun.

    • I was saying that a little bit ago about the NGP :)

  4. such a great time consuming game and hopefully patch 1.6 out this week :). Now minecraft on ipod that probably will be the end of my free time :(

  5. I wonder if it’ll be coming to Xperia Play through PlayStation Suite. If so then hopefully we’ll be able to play this on NGP when it releases as it apparently also supports PlayStation Suite.

  6. Ah, finally some news on the mobile release of this great game!
    The only thing we need now are cloud saves to continue playing in your PC Minecraft world on the go. :D

    • Oh, and by the way:
      Anyone playing Minecraft should give the Seed “Tron” a go. Clay-palooza right at your spawnpoint with even more clay withing a walking minute!

  7. Nice. I love my xperia play. Top phone.

  8. Got my 1st smart phone being delivered soon (not an Xperia Play), I’m really looking forward to discovering all these new phone games.

  9. Yay! Another way to waste time on my GS2 :)

  10. I went to give minecraft a try the other day. Didn’t realise you had to pay to play the beta. Immediately thought sod that.

    • Shame, it’s a great game and you automatically got a full licence when the game releases and you only pay 80% of the full price.

      • That’s Alpha only. You’ll still have to pay for the full game after you’ve bought the beta.

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