Shinobi Heading To The 3DS

It’s looking like Mr. Ninja himself, Shinobi, will be making a return and heading to Nintendo’s 3DS. A reference online was spotted a couple of days ago by Superannuation, but all evidence was removed (no, Superannuation wasn’t killed).

Nintendo Power has since confirmed the rumour, stating on their Twitter feed that:


“We will also give you exclusive info on the Shinobi revival coming to 3DS.”

It’s been a long time…

Source: Twitter



  1. ha cool, good news

  2. There are no chops in Judo, only sausages.

  3. A return of Shinobi! This could be interesting. One of the few old school genres that hasn’t been properly revisited.

  4. AWE…. please, please be the PS2 version..that was easily the greatest game ever made!!!!!! even though I had only played the bloody demo, but yeah if its a 3D version of THAT!, then they have great game on hand.

    If not…. which would be sad :(((( (profound sadness!), then roll on 2-D side-scrolling Shinobi again that is there greatest 2-D side-scrolling game ever made so a sequel similar to Shinobi 3 would be terrfic.

  5. Becoming more and more tempted to pick up Nintys new portable. Zelda, RE and DoA being the big games for me, but nice extras like this are only making it more difficult to resist the ~£200 price tag

    • Even worse whenever you know its below the £200…. bonus temptation go! go!

      Its a great device, I really need to buy DOA D:

      • Lol yeah I just looked round some online retailers and can find plenty of 3DS’ for around £150-160ish… tbh if I didn’t have car insurance to renew in June I would probably order one right now… though it is my Birthday June12th and Zelda comes out around that time…ARRGH! :|

      • Just spotted one on in their Warehouse deals section. Black 3DS + 2 day delivery for £149. Ordered. My wife is going to kill me but I can’t say no to price like that :D

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