Age Of Conan Going Free-To-Play

Funcom have recently announced that their brutal 2008 MMORPG, Age of Conan: Hyrbodian Adventures, will adopt an F2P business model later this year. Relaunching as Age of Conan: Unrated, anyone (PC specs provided) will be able to play the core game without charge, though like many free-to-play MMOs, there is still a premium subscription offer which will enable numerous privileges. These include bonuses such as additional bank space, character slots, classes, vendor discounts, raids etc. Funcom Points will also play a part in AoC’s relaunch, acting as a virtual currency to purchase in game items. Points are also transferable between Funcom’s recently published title, Bloodline Champions.


Age of Conan: Unrated is expected to launch during the summer, for a full FAQ visit the game’s official EU forum board.



  1. Great. Thought I’d comment, oh and I clicked on the FAQ as well.

  2. Good news!

    Ill be there! :P

  3. Sweet! More MMOs should do this! :)

  4. Oh, just remembered, this reminded me of Lord The Rings Online being free to play now. Downloading now. Thanks a lot, TSA!

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