Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Launch Trailer

inXile’s Hunted: The Demon’s Forge piqued my interest right back at its announcement when it was billed as a “third person co-op fantasy action game”.  That ticked all the right boxes.  A few trailers later and the pre-order went in.  Now with the release of this awesome launch trailer next Friday cannot come soon enough.


Anyone up for co-op?  Bagsy E’lara.

Via: Kotaku



  1. I want a demo of this.

  2. Got it on Pre-order =D

  3. only one word can describe this: EPIC!!!!!!!!

  4. Will be getting this, looks like a lot of fun… Shame about the protagonists though, they’re so terribly generic.

  5. Is the male voice actor the same Saeed from Mass Effect 2?

  6. Anyone else think it’s funny that Bethesda are working with the old ‘Black Isle’ peeps…

  7. Oh man… another game I won’t have time to play… Already have a pile of games in front of me and Red Faction: Armageddon is coming soon… Have to remember this one for when I get through my current games. Looking great. Love the coop aspect of it.

  8. *waits for review

    I need a demo, please a demo?.. or at least a gameplay video to see if its worth buying cause the trailer just shows a combat that is likely to be weak.

    • Have you checked the links under Related Stories up there ^

  9. wow thats looking great :D maybe a buy when it’s lower in price for me :)

  10. Love the cockney bollocks accent. Why can’t these fantasy guys just get along?

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