WeView: Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Whilst I don’t have a PS3 to experience Uncharted 2, I’ll openly admit that it’s not a game that I really want to play when I do manage to get my hands on Sony’s box. There’s just something about it that doesn’t click for me, it never really seemed that inviting. This position is made all the more bizarre by the fact that Uncharted 3 is very firmly fixed on my radar and looking utterly fantastic.

However, I know that a number of you absolutely adore the game, and you asked for me to select it for WeView. I don’t know why it didn’t strike me as a game for WeView until now, but just be satisfied that I’m getting around to it now. So let’s start as we normally do, with TSA’s verdict when we reviewed the game.

We awarded it a very comfortable 9/10 and had this to say.

In conclusion, then, a powerful, impressively produced game boosted by stunning visuals, audio to die for, a massive multiplayer section (which we’ll come to separately) and enough challenge and hidden secrets to keep fans playing for months – for anyone that enjoys third person adventures Uncharted 2 represents a thrilling experience with some breathtaking set pieces and enough challenge to retain your interest far longer than most console games this generation, and it’s almost worth buying just for the graphics which I don’t think will be bettered for a good couple of years.

The game doesn’t really make the most of some of its cleverer tricks (the stealth moves are forgotten quickly and the hilarious Journal is touched on twice for the game’s two main puzzles) but the slower moments obviously had to make way for the game’s action movie feel to come to the front.

As normal though, this isn’t about what we thought. We want to hear from you about the game. Do you adore Drake’s antics? Perhaps it’s Sully you love? Or maybe you just can’t stand all that train climbing? Whatever your feelings are head over to the forums and give us your opinion.

Once you’ve got your opinion down make sure you give Uncharted 2 a rating on the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It, Avoid It scale. On Sunday I’ll pick the best bits out of your reviews, tot up your findings and work out what the community’s verdict on Drake’s second adventure is.



  1. This seems like a pretty straight forward, borderline boring WeView. I expect only Buy It’s and high praise for this one.

    Also, if you are hyped about UC3, why are not interested in the first two UC games? It’s like saying you are hyped about Halo 3 / Assassin’s Creed: Brootherhood/Revelations but you couldn’t care less about the previous games which are almost the same thing except for the story and some new features… This is indeed an odd stance to take on the franchise. :P

    • agreed, I think it has something to do with the fact he doesn’t have a PS3. No offence to Halbpro though but I find it difficult to agree with him after hearing some of his views on films in recent weeks.

      • Don’t get me wrong. It’s halbpros opinion and everyone is entitled to have one. I’m just curious because I don’t see a huge difference between UC1, UC2 and UC3 so someone who is interested in UC3 should by logic also be interested in the first two games.

      • there wont be an enormous change from 2 to 3 maybe. but the evolution from 1 to 2 was huge

  2. Oddly enough I felt the same as you about Uncharted (that it didn’t really click), but then I played it and was gripped. I was astonished to hear that you didn’t own a Playstation 3 on the TSA podcast and think you should really consider getting one for Uncharted 3 and other great Sony exclusives.

  3. I don’t think you could get more straightforward than this game.
    We’re going to see exactly how many trolls are on TSA, because I don’t really think many people are going to say this isn’t a buy it…

    • Just because their opinion differs from yours does not make them a troll sir.

      • I know, but seeing as the only people who don’t seem to like it are the people who say they don’t like the genre…
        Literally haven’t met somebody who actively dislikes Among Thieves.

  4. Kris – does the game reside in a genre that simply doesn’t resonate with you? It’s hard to understand why it wouldn’t click otherwise. Especially as it’s one of the finest games the gaming world has ever seen. Many people see it as a benchmark in almost every field (sound, acting, action, presentation, etc) and even now, titles are still trying to catch-up with it.

    For me, it’s the finest example of a video game becoming pure entertainment and it bridging the gap between our industry and the Hollywood blockbuster films we love during the Summer months.

    • Couldn’t have put it better myself, Mike! For me it Uncharted is THE gaming franchise for this generation of consoles.

      • Absolutely. So many people return to it and then comment with “started playing Uncharted 2 again last week and you know what? It’s just incredible still.”. If Kris can see his way passed any preconceptions the entire franchise should be enjoyed. Obviously if Kris was hugged in a special place by an Uncle Nate then maybe Uncharted should be missed out.

        I jest, Kris. I jest! ;-)

    • For me, both Uncharted games have been much greater than the sum of their parts. They don’t necessarily do any one particular thing better than other similar games, but the package as a whole just works, and works so well that it gets elevated far beyond anything else I’ve ever played.

      But I can understand a view like that of Kris, as I have games I’m not interested in myself which everyone else considers to be ‘must play’ titles. For example, I never bothered with Batman: Arkham Asylum because I’m just not interested in superhero games. Nor did I bother with the Bioshock titles, as they just didn’t interest me.

      It’s like Sony’s MLB games – unquestionably the greatest sports game ever created… but if, like me, you’ve no interest in the subject, it’s totally irrelevant.

  5. Will get round to this soon. Definately a BUY IT from me though.

  6. I liked the Uncharted games and they’re really good but i never have the urge to play them again and the online in the second never really makes me want to play it again.

    • They’re a bit like films in that respect, I think.

    • I kind of feel the same. While they are great games, I don’t worship them as the best damn thing that ever graced a gaming console to date.

  7. @halbpro: I totally respect that you have a different opinion than me about Uncharted 2. I personally love the every game in the series. What is it about Uncharted 3 that stands out above Uncharted 2?

    I had a similar experience with the first game. Tried the demo and didn’t like it. Then after hearing all the fuzz about the released game, I bought it and has loved it ever since.

  8. very nice game this week, anyone who doesnt say buy it will be…..er…….killed?

  9. Uncharted 2 was a slightly different feel to the original, that’s understandable. Don’t get anyone who can not like U2 and still be interested in U3 though, they basically look like the same thing just prettier.

    • Actually, U3 has this … thing… that kinda makes it look a bit more like UcDF… still, I agree with you. It appears to feel more like Uc2 than DF. It’s way too yellowish…

  10. Top 5 games I have ever played. Greatness has had its bar raised.

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