Buy Paradox DLC, Donate To Japan Relief

Today Paradox Interactive have released new Japenese-themed content for their popular titles, Magicka and Cities in Motion. For $0.99 players can pick up Magicka: Nippon, which contains a number of stylised items from the Far-East. If you’re looking for something with a little more substance, the Cities in Motion: Tokyo expansion is also available at $9.99, allowing you to manage the city from the 1970s period onward with a selection of new vehicles.


50% of all net revenue made from both content packs in the first few days of launching will go direct to support those who were affected by the devastating earthquake/Tsunami barrage which struck near the major city of Sendai earlier this year.



  1. There hasn’t really been a good city sim since Simcity 4, Cities XL is ok but locking features out only online seems ridculous also monthly fees? what the hell, is that true for XL 2011 which is on sale?

    Cities in Motion doesn’t really seem to be worth £14.99 whatever how much it is. What about Magickia?

    • I haven’t played it myself (hoping to get it soon,) but I hear from friends that it’s a real blast.

      • Cool I must see a few videos I guess haha

  2. Nice move.

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