Live E3 Stream Coming To PlayStation Home

Sony dropped the word on Sunday that for the first time ever, the PlayStation Blog would be streaming Sony’s E3 press conference this year. Now, just a couple of short days later, they’ve announced that there will be another, possibly more convenient way, to watch the conference for you PS3 owners. PlayStation Home is going to have a dedicated ‘special screening room’ where you’ll be able to watch a live stream of the conference with your fellow Home users.

If memory serves, E3’s conference from last year was watchable via Home but only after the conference had ended. This year marks the first time you’ll be able to watch it live inside Home.


At the same time, Sony also announced that the hugely successful virtual E3 booth that gamers could access via Home last year, is also returning for 2011. Just like last year’s version, the booth is slated to be an accurate recreation of Sony’s layout on the E3 floor.

By visiting the virtual E3 booth and watching the conference, you’ll be able to earn exclusive digital items for your Home space and avatar, play demos that aren’t available anywhere else outside of E3 and have a look at a 3D-rendered NGP.

Pretty spiffy, eh?

Source: US PS Blog **thanks to October91 for the tip**



  1. Home E3 space was brilliant last year, looking forward to visiting again.

    As for the conference i’d rather just stick with IGN or Youtube etc like last year

  2. Sweet! I was hoping they’d do this

    • They may reference their viewers watching live in Home during the conference too, that would be rather exciting!

  3. Cool, have to check this out

  4. Nice one:) A good excuse to dust my avatar down.

  5. A good excuse to look for PlayStation Home, where about is it on the XMB ? :P

    • It’s the icon you always confuse for the Store and launch into by mistake :)

      Well, that you _used_ to always confuse for the Store, many weeks ago ;)

      • And the joke of the day goes to… :-D

  6. I will probably watch it on the blog but watching it on Home with others does have it’s appeal, neat.

  7. I’m goin’ with the blog but I would use this if I were at Home [no pun intended :p]

    • yet you capitalize the H, seems like you intended the pun :p

      I’m skeptical about how well this will work. I have a good internet but it always takes forever to watch videos in Home, I can’t imagine how bad it could get trying to live stream something. Probably just stick to the blog.

      • Yeah, and imagine trying to stream it via Home when tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of people are trying to do it at the same time.

      • I could just have such a massive house that its name is capitalised just like a place-name :p

  8. nice that there giving us the options.

  9. Sweet, been looking for an excuse to go back on Home since the 1.5 update.

  10. I’ll try streaming it in Home anyway, just because I wasnt in the Home space last year… Will these demos be playable for us?

    • My initial thoughts were that they’re about as useful as a LBP arcade machine cut-out with Infamous 2 Demo written on. I am sure that this will not be the case though :)

      • Yeah, I hope it’s a hands on experience.

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