Backbreaker: Vengeance Not XBL Exclusive

505 Games has today announced that its upcoming downloadable title, Backbreaker: Vengeance, is not exclusive to the Xbox Live Marketplace, and will be available to European PSN users too.

As opposed to being a fully-functional American football title, Vengeance strips away the plays, formations and stoppages to deliver an incredibly unadulterated pick-up-and-play experience based on the popular iOS game, Backbreaker 2: Vengeance.


A concrete date for the downloadable title has yet to confirmed, though 505 are expecting it to drop sometime this Summer. NaturalMotion CEO, Torsten Reil, said the following:

Backbreaker has caught the imagination of players around the world with its fresh approach to the sports genre. Backbreaker Vengeance focuses on the aspects of American football our fans love: incredible euphoria animations, gut-busting tackles, deceptive juke maneuvers and a pick-up-and-play feel.

This intense spiritual successor to Tackle Alley will show gamers across the world that when it comes to delivering no-frills football action, Backbreaker: Vengeanceis where it’s at.

Want a slice of hard-hitting sports action but not a big fan of American football? Be sure to look out for our Icebreaker review (iOS) later this evening.



  1. only eu psn users?
    do ms have exclusivity in the us then?

  2. Love this on android, will be fun to play in HD. Hopefully they will add sixaxis support

    • I had never thought of that. Would be awesome, though I don’t think ANYONE uses SixAxis nowadays.

      • Yeah, I do love this game on my Nokia.
        It really does look stunning, and is quite fun.
        Don’t know if I’d bother with it on PS3 though.

      • Android? Im gonna get.

  3. Tackle Alley.*snigger*

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