Battlefield Producer Joins Paradox Interactive

After making a transition from Swedish developer DICE to Visceral Games last year, Battlefield franchise producer Gordon Van Dyke is now making another studio change, this time to Paradox Interactive.

The PC-focused publisher has continued to expand in the past few years, responsible for games including Mount & Blade, Hearts of Iron, Majesty, and more recently, Magicka. During his time in LA, Van Dyke became a husband and father, the move back to Sweden being most appropriate in order to cater for his new family.


Though an increasingly prominent publisher, there’s no hiding the fact that Paradox clings tightly to the PC platform, its main export being complex, thorough RTS titles, its latest, Pride of Nation, launching next week.

Having previously worked on the Battlefield franchise, his new position at Paradox raises a number of questions. Will Van Dyke’s arrival at the company broaden its narrow focus? Will Paradox begin to develop more frequently for PSN and XBL?

Though their E3 line-up has already been confirmed, Paradox may be waiting to pull a few additional surprises this time next week.

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  1. What about a mix of RTS and FPS? honestly, I’ve always wondered why its never been done…. Brutual Legend did that kind of but it would be exciting to see such a thing.

    Imagine combining Dynasty Warriors with something like Stronghold or even Total War and Spartan: Total Warrior….. that would be insane.

    Something fresh and new is all that I ask, hope they release a few games on the consoles.

    • The closest thing I can think of is Mount & Blade. You work to build your own army and settlements, though all the battles are done from the perspective of the player.

      Also, I think there are a few RTS elements being introduced in Starhawk such as the base-building, but I understand what you mean.

      • I need to check out the demo again.. now that I have a better computer :3

  2. Lots of switching camp of late…

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