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Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Map Pack Dated For PS3

Now that the PlayStation Network is back to its former good self, PlayStation 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops players have been back online in their large numbers to catch up with the weeks of killing they’ve been forced to sit out during the PSN downtime.

Now PS3 owners don’t have to wait much longer before they can join Xbox 360 and PC gamers and splash their cash for the latest expensive Call of Duty map pack. The Escalation Map Pack releases on the PlayStation Store June 10th and includes four new maps, with an additional zombie map thrown in for good measure.

At $15/£10 it’s hardly cheap but, given the massive popularity of the title, we’re sure that Activison will be dancing on the ceiling when they see the money flow into their pockets.

Plus, to accommodate the new downloadable content, next Friday will also kick off a double XP weekend. Get In!

Source: PlayStation Blog EU


  1. Played the single player and enjoyed that but didn’t enjoy the MP especially with the way you had to unlock weapons and then still buy them.

    This year it’s going to be BF3 first for me after enjoying BF2 on the PC for ages.

  2. Get 5 friends and just gameshare it. One account where you download stuff and then 5 friends use it xD

    I will never support Treyarch again.

  3. I have got every cod map pack before, going halves with my brother and a fiver is not an issue for me. This one will not be bought though as I’ve already gotten rid of the utterly broken and shite blops.

    • Ah come on, it ain’t THAT bad :P

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