Diablo III Bound For PS3?

Blizzard Entertainment has recently posted a job listing for their Diablo III team, in search for a senior software engineer. However, here’s the interesting part, whoever gets the job will be tasked with “overseeing Playstation 3 (PS3) architecture design as well as other PS3-specific game code development to maximize platform performance.


Tucking one of hardcore gaming’s biggest icons under its belt would be a potentially huge boost for Sony, but don’t get too excited. As a few outlets have already suggested, this could well be a research-driven exercise for Blizzard as they continually flirt with the idea of console development.

Source: Blizzard Entertainment



  1. that would be very cool.

    bringing back starcraft ghost would also be awesome.

    • I think I’m in a minority here who thinks the RTS genre now works on the PS3. Those who don’t believe me, try RUSE with PlayStation Move, it’s the business.

      • i agree with you, if they put enough work into the control scheme an rts can work well on console, even with a pad.
        not as well as mouse and keyboard obviously, but well enough to make a decent game.

        the trouble is some developers just make the pad emulate mouse control, that’s when you get problems, though they can still be enjoyed if the game is good.

      • Considering that nearly any USB mouse works with the PS3, I can’t understand why there isn’t broader support for it. I think Unreal Tournament 3 was the last I heard of any official out-of-the-box rodent antics. Not only that but if there was an official PS3 mouse which featured the familiar Playstation face buttons (bluetooth would be nice!) and that worked alongside the navigation controller, how many of us RTS, FPS, LBP etc. freaks would buy it? I’d be first in line I can tell you.

        (hint, hint Sony!)

  2. Oh yes.

  3. That would be awesome, I just gave up on pc gaming and not playing diablo 3 was my only regret. Also hoping for some mouse or move support, of course..

  4. Oh please God yes. That would be epic!

  5. Coolio.

  6. Would be great if true but unlikely to arrive anytime close to the PC release. This job title indicates they are trying to port it to PS3 as Blizz have zero experience with PS3 however most likely a 360 port is easily doable due to similar arcitecture.

    Either way the more people that can play the classic that is Diablo is great (maybe even some kind of cross platform Multiplayer ala Portal 2 – or maybe battle.net integration with PSN/live – now i’m getting ahead of myself)

    • I’d just be happy that I don’t have to buy/build a new comp to play D3 personally :D

  7. I’ve sat and thought about how brilliant this would be but after a realistic size-up I can’t see it bringing anything remotely as good as the PC version.
    I’ll defend the Ps3 in the majority of cases but Diablo just isn’t Diablo without a keyboard and mouse (with a wheel ; ) ) to control it. It would end up like some freakish game like Untold Legends..

  8. If it turns out to be cross platform compatible and releases around the same time as the PC version I might consider it. Otherwise it’s going to be the PC version for me.

  9. I never played the previous games, but i’ve always wanted to, so being available on consoles might be the motivation i need.

  10. Wouldn’t twin-stick gameplay work for a game like this?

    • Fixed camera angles, it was different but blizzard changed the gameplay mechanics after testers took a huge dislike to the game.

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