Uncharted 3 Adventure Mode Video

This is cooperative gameplay video from the upcoming continuation of Drake’s saga. Set in Syria, there’s plenty of stunning scenery to gaze upon and just look at those animations. It looks like Naughty Dog are building on the exceptional multiplayer experiences of Uncharted 2 and might just deliver something very special.

If you’re keen to see more from Uncharted 3, you might want to come back in a few hours.



  1. Vertical combat looks pretty fun.

    Wait… where the hell is Sully’s moustache?

  2. hmmm,interesting. It is an improvement on the Co-op missions from 2. The more i hear about this,the more i want this. I wonder how long this is? or how many missions there are?

  3. Looks good. I’ll certainly be checking back later!! :)

  4. What happened to the whole “colour variety” thing they so much talked about in the making of Uncharted DF?

  5. Can’t wait to get my hands on this. That vertical shooting stuff looks epic.

  6. I’m from syria :) but this looks nothing like it.

    • also, I like how the cursor indicates damage now (like cod)

  7. Wish it was coming out in Summer.

  8. The whole lighting and colour palette reminds me a lot of U1. That and the suspiciously agile, stache-less, younger-looking Sully…

    I remember Naughty Dog stating that the co-op objective levels (“adventure mode”) in U3 would be original and not taken from the solo campaign. Looks like this particular Syria level might take place before Drake’s Fortune then.

    • They could make it out as if Drake and Sully are recalling their past adventures:
      Drake: “Remember when we got that treasure from that temple with those pirates in it?”
      Sully: “Yeah…how did it go again?”
      CUE GAME

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