Uncharted 3 Special Edition(s) And Preorder Bonuses Unveiled

Uncharted 3 is definitely one of the most anticipated games of 2011 and even though it’s still 5 months away, that’s not stopping Sony and Naughty Dog from showing all the nifty special editions and preorder bonuses they’re prepared to offer with it.

We’ll start with the preorder bonuses, and holy crap is there a lot of them. No word yet on which retailers will be getting which bonuses but that info should be clarified in the near future.


Callout Mod for AK-47 – Equip your AK-47 with a laser sight that enables your entire team to see the location of the opponent you are currently targeting.

Clip Size Mod for Para-9 – Increase the size of the bullet clip for your Para-9 pistol and spend more time shooting your opponents before having to reload.

Clip Size Mod for G-MAL – Increase the size of the bullet clip for your G-MAL long gun and spend more time shooting your opponents before having to reload.

Creepy Crawler Kickback – Turn into a swarm of deadly creatures for a limited time and overwhelm your enemies.

Carpet Bomb Kickback – Send out three grenades with a single throw to blanket your opponent – or take out a group of opponents – with multiple explosions.

Regeneration Booster – Boost your healing power to recover from your wounds more quickly.

Next up is the ‘European Special Edition’ of Uncharted 3 (pictured below) that comes with a different look and another pile of goodies. While the design of the box is not yet final, it’s being created to “look like Nathan Drake’s diary with fully illustrated pages, including concept art, screenshots, sketches etc.”

Now, on to that pile of goodies we mentioned above. The special edition comes with a voucher that allows you download all of the following:

Multiplayer skin and weapon: ‘London Drake and Pirate AK-47′ – Customise the appearance of both your avatar and your weapon.

Multiplayer ‘Upper Cut Taunt’ – Allows you to give an upper-cut gesture for increased self-expression and bragging rights when playing online.

‘Cash Multiplier’ – Earn in-game cash much faster when playing online.

‘Special Edition Decals Pack’ – Decals to customise your avatar’s accessories.

Finally, there’s the ‘European Collector’s Edition’ (also called the ‘Explorer Edition’) of Uncharted 3, which is proving to be the most content-packed version. While the final count of everything that will come with the collector’s edition is still not finalised, we know for sure that it’s coming with all the preorder bonuses listed above, the special edition of Uncharted 3, a Nathan Drake figurine, a replica Nathan Drake belt buckle and ring-necklace, as well as a “antic style replica traveller box with a real authentic feel to it.” Not only that, but according to Sony, there may even be more stuff added to this edition of the game before launch.

So, now that you’ve seen everything that Naughty Dog has to offer with Uncharted 3, which edition will you be picking up?

Source: EU PS Blog




  1. I like the sounds of the special edition. I have no interest in decorating my house with these figurines.

    • Also I wish there were more “mature” collectors editions out there like the Bioshock 2 with vinyls, books, DVD’s etc and less figures, helmets and toys.

      • I know what you mean, concept art books, things like that. Oblivion’s collector’s Edition had a Septim in it I think [a coin from the game], that’s awesome.

      • My thoughts too. I used to be into figurines…when I was a student…and didn’t have my own family to look after…
        The problem is, I’ve now got all of them in boxes and have no intention of putting them up again.

        A nice metal case that doesn’t take up much space and looks nice on the shelf – that’s the stage of life I’m in now.

  2. The special edition looks really cool, worth whatever the extra cost just for that case, without even going into the dlc. Good job Naughty Dog/Sony :)

  3. Super cool.

  4. That is one simple but elegant piece of cover art.

    • I too, love the look of that. Will probably go for that version as the figure isn’t as impressive…

  5. The first preorder bonus looks handy.

    • If it was used against me I wouldn’t be too happy.

      • Yeah that sounds like it would suck big time if you’re on the receiving end.

  6. I think I may have to go for the most expensive version :) Cant wait for this.

  7. i’d love to get the explorer editions.
    but it’ll probably be a bit pricey for me.

    • unnecessary pluralisation FTW. ^_^

      • I was thinking: gosh, he’s made of money.

  8. Not really interested in any online bonuses but that case sure looks cool.

  9. I’m loving the case and would get a Special Edition day one lol.

  10. If the big speciel edition is not launched in Scandinavia, which happened with the Hero Edition of Infamous 2 (which why I had to order it from amazon.com >_< ), I'm going for a frontal attack on SCEE.

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